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  1. Are the servers that easy to hack? I just watched a twitch streamer join one of thier viewers private match then leave suddenly they went from just about 100,000 CP to over 10 million CP WTF!!
  2. Three matches last night all more bizarre then the one before it. K the first one everyone has seen it 2 friends get the car hang onto the other set of keys and fuse and betray everyone they could. I did to the Jason for stopping them after two murders. Of course once caught they dropped take your death like an adult. Second three people commit suicide 30 seconds in? And Savini Jason just toys with me the entire match showing me how many times he could of killed me. Was 25 by the time he let me escape in a car. He even let me repair it. WTF. Third match I guess the roof glitch is still doable in Packanack. As all counsellers went up there to dance. Thank goodness Jason did the honorable thing and let me and my new buddy who weren’t dancing kill him so match didn’t last 20 min.
  3. Moral of that match is trap the car first LOL. Other then one person less that looked like mine from last night. Oh wait or if Jason showed up to trap the car and went after them would some whiner say he was spawn killing?
  4. Should of saved it but last night in a room of 100 plus level users me and two other counsellers got out in 1:42. Jason killed everyone else the entire game was 5:37 long. It was nuts!!!
  5. Have to say I was rusty as a century old nail but for the first time in weeks got hooked up to dedicated servers. And man heard a person die last night like I have never heard before. Me and my buddy where like did you just hear that!!!
  6. Well I am trying to be better then most. But seriouslly if this was my job and it took me a week not even to communicate more then we have ideas. Nor any communication saying we are still aware and the problem is bigger then we first thought with daily updates. I would be fired. So what’s up? By the time you fix it any non US person it seems will of given up due to the lack of communication about this issue. As it seems people in the US don’t have the issue.
  7. Not sure what to say. Havent got in a match in 6 days. I would say the game is dead but don’t even get to empty lobbies. Just get out of date client error if I leave it long enough. Me and two buddies looked separately for a hour yesterday not one of us got in a match. Helpful hints like quit the game and try again after three tries yeah that’s not a fix nor does it work 100 percent of the time. Man could you imagine oh your queued up for such and such a game yeah you have to try hundreds of times with quits in between for it to work.
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