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  1. Well I am trying to be better then most. But seriouslly if this was my job and it took me a week not even to communicate more then we have ideas. Nor any communication saying we are still aware and the problem is bigger then we first thought with daily updates. I would be fired. So what’s up? By the time you fix it any non US person it seems will of given up due to the lack of communication about this issue. As it seems people in the US don’t have the issue.
  2. Not sure what to say. Havent got in a match in 6 days. I would say the game is dead but don’t even get to empty lobbies. Just get out of date client error if I leave it long enough. Me and two buddies looked separately for a hour yesterday not one of us got in a match. Helpful hints like quit the game and try again after three tries yeah that’s not a fix nor does it work 100 percent of the time. Man could you imagine oh your queued up for such and such a game yeah you have to try hundreds of times with quits in between for it to work.