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  1. I have the same problem and still I can't go online with my main Account, here´s my video from my side!!!
  2. karma is going to decide whether you are lying or being honest. I can say we are invisible and we are looking everywhere hope you are fair in the game. It does not mean that you are cheating.
  3. 😁😁😁@Mayday we´ll continue reporting . Today new Day, lets see in the match. We will searching only Hacker/Cheater.
  4. Good Job Bro, Good comment!!! He need to understand the true and feel the pain. You and me are everywhere, EZ Ban!!
  5. Hey bro!! Send your Report here!! Send your report from Email: Developers Email: f13game@fearthegun.com support@fearthegun.com This will 100% working
  6. Come on mattshotcha do something about the EAC anti cheat system. I have submitted almost 50 reports to Jason Killbug, they are still not banned. to send a report by Jason Killbug is useless ((((
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