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  1. So the block only works from timing it right, as Jason swings and if it’s before the swing it doesn’t work. I feel as though that’s harder to code. It would be too advantageous to counselors if the timing requires no prediction though. It would be too unfair if you can block every swing from proper skill, looking to beat his swing every time. It would only be fair if you can’t beat his swing speed and have to predict instead. It would ruin slashing and if grabbing is already ruined, there’s nothing left.... I’m not going to 20 hit each person in the lobby ffs.
  2. Where’s the poll option to say it needs more buffs..... why is there 2 options to complain counselors have it rough? jason is not back it doesn’t need adjustments, I want other tweaks entirely. This invincibility isn’t really the answer, but is a ok addition. It needs more. counselors for a fact don’t hurt and is pointless to list, only casuals I admit would hurt. it is no where near impossible to survive..... i of course care for more to be added. Like where’s meat shielding and grabbing in general is currently useless. @OCT 31 1978 a one button press for block for counselors is broken.... you realise counselors will be invincible then... your able to tank over 20 hits and Jason would just lose to the damn timer with all the blocking. That’s just buffing kill squads. Even if Jason had 1 button block too, the counselors just need to tank a hit to hit back in a group...
  3. Also try white noise2. i dont know if stunning the monster with light counts as combat. also people can start the demasking in just a minute of the game, just have sweater girl spawn rush it.
  4. I acknowledge the invincibility is stupid, but better then nothing and not really negative. If your combat skilled, try blocking and abusing his recover with a team and rush to get things setup within 10 min........ some Jason’s masks fly off with a couple hits...... your logic is out the window mate and it’s really not a big change. It’s salt from needing a shotgun to down Jason now, the only real difference. try last year steam/ discord game. Killers suffer a bit 😕 Go abuse them
  5. That’s the least wrong with this forum, trust me, your seeing the best right now. the rest of your new comment doesn’t make sense. How’s it catering towards kid Jason’s. Watch some tournaments online and create your own pro group. Not our fault you can’t do that. I myself don’t have a group and suffer from good Jason’s, but that’s my problem and I don’t complain. I don’t want it to cater towards my overwhelming experience without a big team. I’m happy running them around a table or house for 10 minutes so the team can escape.
  6. How does it serve to be a civil discussion even complaining about a patch that hardly effects the game, just needs more communication and skill now. Complaining and making fun of the complainers is fair game. There has been plenty of salt and whining. More buffs are needed 😕 Im sure hu dog has had people be sarcastic and stupid towards his beliefs too.
  7. Fair comment in my eyes, he responded to a complainer suggesting a worse idea that doesn’t help, if you test and analyse the outcomes of his proposed idea, you would see it’s quite bad still. It’s just some banter.
  8. I went back and looked, out of the sake of context and found he wasn’t really being bad. The people demanding change and saying it’s unfair are actually rude and ill informed scrubs. Unless hu dogs troll comments are more then a few pages ago.
  9. Sad to say slasher troll is right for once. It just effects end game and how it’s a bit harder to kill Jason now, with a lot less breathing room. Tbh he still needs more smaller buffs now. Grabbing is still useless and i dont know why it has to be. Just try and kill him within the 10 minutes and not hit him with anything but axe and matchete. Also he can still be hit again as he’s exiting stun lol? Am I wrong. The mask can still be a joke. This just makes it harder for noobs and casuals. Not really what the original devs intentions were to have the game. Only option for Jason, is to bide his time a lot. But that doesn’t work with objective rushes, forcing confrontation and when enraged people need to block more and tank to hit him recovering.... Was even a single idea copied from the community topic about Jason. It seems not, actually the sweeping swing attack was, that hits multiple counselors, even though non idiotic people would not line up like bowling pins to get smacked. They even said meatshielding wouldn’t be a bad idea, where’s that? I’m sure there’s more to come hopefully.
  10. Thanks for the info. I was trying to paste it using the feature on the bar of options it gives you, I shared a link through that chain icon and it wasn’t popping up. But pasting it on the page with no text interrupting it, does make it pop up after a couple seconds.
  11. Grabbing is still useless... and late game now consist of just running vennessas, along with a probable meta change for stamina perks and speed buffs for recovery, can’t forget the 6 med sprays a single idiot can hoard and use against Jason. It’s still annoying spending minutes or the whole game on 1 person, but I expect the buffs arnt done yet? This has solved the problem of easy kills though.
  12. It seems I have actually tried, but realised any video and such is way too big to upload. How would others share 20 min footage of online matches from YouTube and twitch without links.
  13. Thanks a lot. I didn’t see the choose files option because I was trying to test it in private messages first and pm doesn’t have the option. And the insert other media surprisingly works now. I previously tried to copy the image, but it didn’t work cus I had to go more into the URL source. Thanks
  14. Hey, there’s not much to say about myself. My life lately mainly revolves around dealing with corruption and abuse recently, coincidentally when I recently joined the forums here, real weird : / im a co operative gamer and also love these types of horror game concepts. I’m also a more logical thinker, with good sense of what’s moral.. My competitive games list would be r6 siege and titanfall if that didn’t die, along with jump force coming out and some other older games include black ops 1 2 halo reach. im also a game tester in a way. I do my own tests and research to solve false information and spread the right information, along with becoming more competitive in the process learning the mechanics and timings. I don’t talk too much, but when prompted to, I can go on for a while depending on the subject. I also never stop if it’s something like slander or maybe abuse of someone’s power etc. but generally I’m a nerd that talks about only games and movies. I typically analyse movies sometimes as I watch to see mistakes to review them also, along with tv shows. I use to help run the evolve forums for a bit, until it started to die out. It was so fun over there and had great fun management. I don’t think I would be allowed to say my analysis of what it’s like here, despite no rules against it : / well that’s me and how I am. Stay tuned for a incoming war game I’m working on too. Still has a few kinks to work out.
  15. Is it possible at all without a link. I have seen full pictures pop up before and videos without them and I can’t seem to figure it out for mobile, I’m not sure if it’s impossible, or just for pc. I go to insert other media and says there’s nothing to be found with existing attachments and don’t know what other options there are. It would be nice for memes I have talked about before and for direct video viewing like others have shared with Jason’s getting smashed in the past.
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