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    Gaming chatting streaming and just having a damn good time check me out on twitch DEVILS_REJECTS666 come say hi and enjoy have a great time f13 still badass!!

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  1. Where do you think the pack roof glitch came from guru did that while i was streaming i was jason said knifes wouldnt help me...then i said i promise youll regret doing that he said how..i simply replied im a strea.er..i figured that roof glitch out..streamed it..it went like wild fire...bam..it got fixed haha..now he begs to stun jason again..yeah..trolls..begone
  2. Lmao people are so butthurt about this rage wahhhwahhh...its great you cant run more players away huh...who cares if your a great jason or not...ima badass jason and im not complaining about this update and im still escaping and surviving the night...boohoo..cant troll lobby for 20 minutes...get good or play something different:(
  3. Dude guru you sound like your a bit tired of jason its only just began man counselors had over a year of stun city now..umm..THE DEVELOPERS DID SAY JASON WILL NOT BE BULLIED NO MORE LOL they kept there word lol mad props gun media
  4. And the developers did say jason will not be bullied no more and now here are the crys of the trolls....hes op lol sorry jason is not op im really enjoying the game as counselor lol RUN RUN ITS A BABY SLASHER LOL YOUR ALL DOOMED!!
  5. Yeah jason should only be took to his knees by Tommy Jarvis no one else but hey I'm just a guy that likes to stream and play games time to move on...I'll be here still chatting and susportting the game but as of everyday that's over lol hope to see all yall on the streams devils over and out...yall are truly badass cool people keep it up
  6. I guess they never learn this game can never be balanced out it's not a game for balance it's either jason killing or beat downs wack...ax to the head..hey atleast I got resident evil 2 remake and red dead redemption 2
  7. Thanks for the compliment just a guy that likes to have fun and stream games life is just to damn short for the drama lol
  8. Umm.you mean no more dance off in the lodges..damn what a pity....crashes the door..holyshit RUN BITCH RUNNNN!!
  9. The developers said many times killing jason was suspose to be rare and there finally making that happen it's what the game needs...RAGE ON JASON GIVE HIM MORE POWER!!!
  10. Counselors are still op jason can be killed under 5 minutes if they mess up well it's there ass jason is raging then lol
  11. Well I am sitting on almost 5 million cp I've been 150 3 days after they released the cap to 150 cp is another way to show how long you've been playing 🤘🤘🤘🤘
  12. Well damn we went from people laughing and trolling jason to omg hes OP HE KILLING EVERYONE dont know about yall BUT IM LOVING THIS UPDATE...THERE WILL BE BLOOD FOR THE BEAT DOWNS LOL
  13. Mad props my exact thoughts...but hey cant make everyone happy huh lol
  14. Lmfao no toxic people like you killed the game move along now obviously you are here to troll lol...umm how that working out for you in game huh?...yeah...shhhh..chop chop chop shhh..hush little baby go to sleep
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