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  1. Angers me that Tommy never was in the series again after. He was the only person who ever killed Jason.
  2. One year later..it still hasn't changed. Jason will never be the same. The devs really don't give a shit anymore.
  3. Part 6 Jason sucks. Roy isn't amazing, but he's better than Part 6 for sure.
  4. You know when Jason came back to live in Part 6 Jason kept staring down Tommy, and then at first before Hawes hit him with a shovel Jason was just looking at him. Does he remember Tommy? That this young man was the same kid who killed him 6 years ago? Or does Jason not remember Tommy at all and not give a fuck?
  5. Buff Jason. His grab is terrible. And why is it even when you time it perfectly to grab someone at the window he will miss 90% of the time? His speed is terrible, even as a human. He's at a complete disadvantage. He is open to all attacks. This game is very broken for Jason players. They'll never do anything though because they simply don't care anymore.
  6. If only people understood this...Jason really does need perks. He's just too easy to kill, too easy to avoid, and it's just way too easy to get away from him. All it really takes is for 2 players to kill Jason: Tommy and the sweater girl. 5 good counselors are overkill to a good Jason. 7 good counselors? Forget it. Game Over for Jason. Jason is at a disadvantage almost all the time.
  7. I would love to know what game Billy plays. When I first started playing this game I started using a bat, and I had a stun on Jason every time I hit him. All the time. I don't think there has been a single time where he hasn't been stunned by my bat, so those who are saying Jason doesn't always get stunned are incorrect. Just my two cents. The stuns need to get dropped. Jason gets stunned too easily. The game really is F13: Counselors Unite. 7 against 1. Jason is always at a disadvantage, and it only takes two people to kill Jason. Now imagine 5 players at once? It's over for Jason. I don't care how good you are as Jason. You won't live, especially how easy it is to demask him. Such a damn shame because Jason is a feared antagonist. If counselors in the movie tried doing this shit Jason would still wreck all of them, especially as a zombie.
  8. And yet another game where I see Jason being teamed no matter how much he tries. I escaped via police and there were 5 counselors. You can't kill any of them. It's impossible with the amount of first aid sprays. This game is disgraceful to Jason.
  9. Go on Reddit and tell these fools the same thing. They don't understand how badly Jason is so underpowered. He can get owned easily within maybe 5 minutes in the game. So easy to demask him. -Radio Tommy -Purposely die first to become Tommy -Get sweater and first aid sprays in case Jason trapped his house -Demask him easily as he can only take so many hits -Come back with sweater and Tommy will kill him in the end Disgraceful.
  10. Um...nerf the fucking stuns? Every hit is a fucking stun. And get rid of the stupid chain stuns.
  11. And of course as I am saying this a poor Jason is getting destroyed by a group of 4 people. It's ridiculous how underpowered Jason is. EVERYTHING stuns him. This is so fucking disgraceful.
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