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  1. As a (still) newbie player I find it very hard to enjoy the game when a group of skilled counsellors keep bulling me as Jason, so I think this would be something to fix to make it more enjoyable. I mean, what's the deal in being a semi-supernatural unstoppable killer and being stunned by a girl with a pot? I think the stunning ability of counsellors should be a growing skill, not a perk but something they grow somehow by playing, and it should also be relative to weapon type and time: I can accept if he falls down after an axe swing or machete hit, but pots, branches and other small items should require at least more hit to give effect, and have less durability (a big killer vs a little piece of wood? Who do you thing would broke first?). And Jason should have some sort of increased rage after a stun, maybe for 10 seconds nothing can bother him after he gets up. Just my two cents, I still enjoy being Jason even with 3/4 kids mocking me for my lack of experience and constantly beating my masked friend and dancing in front of his lying body
  2. I'm trying and I enjoy 'em too. I will post my Steam gamer-tag in the suggested topic 👌
  3. New player from Italy here: I bought the game during last Steam discounts and I'm enjoying it a lot in the last week. Right now, of the playable Jasons I can use, I like Jason part III and the "Impostor" part V. About the counsellors, I use mostly Vanessa Jones & Palomino the "metalhead" Steam: Abisem
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