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  1. Honestly, not to sound like I'm backtracking, I actually don't mind this one and furthermore invite the challenge so long as it isn't cheating or some glitch. Had I used a proper strategy discussed earlier in the thread, I likely could have cut my time in half or more to kill my foe. I'm level 76 now and have been putting in a lot of time trying to gain success with new strategies to optimize my approach. These perks give me great incentive to get better and constantly change my approach. I'm only one person though, so I would imagine that what the consensus believes on the matter may be much different.
  2. Sorry mate! I'll do better next time thanks to everyone's help haha
  3. Yes I always start my matches by getting those knives. And thank you again for the additional advice. I read the strategies in the forums regarding morphing (and all other strategies) and it was quite helpful. I guess I tend to gravitate towards the swing at times in case they have a pocket knife or I have trouble in tight corridors getting a kill before they wiggle free. I feel that I would've been better off had I followed your strategy -- next time for sure.
  4. Thanks for the reply mate! I'm glad to know that I was simply outplayed. In my defense, however, I was still able to kill all the counselors (barely). I'll need to improve my grab technique (probably directly from morph?). Thank you for the advice.
  5. I haven't come across the quick escape with Vanessa yet (I play on the PS4), but did come across the unlimited med spray. By luck, I actually happened to have it recorded (see below).
  6. I definitely like the head punch. It's fast but also my favorite kill in the series (in NYC) and has an aesthetic appeal to me.
  7. Hello, I was playing the game as Jason, and I came across a (seemingly) highly skilled and experienced counselor. I respected their ability, but it seemed to me that they were cheating. In the video I attached of my recorded game, I counted 5 times they used a first aid spray. As there are 3 inventory slots for first aid, I find it unlikely that an unfair advantage of some sort was not used in that it would mean that they were already stocked with 3 first aid spray cans and during our scuffle they obtained 2 in the process of me chasing them (and in the affirmative I did not spot them picking up any). THANKFULLY, I was still able to kill the elusive player (it was disgustingly satisfying, not to humble brag), so justice was served, but this, along with the bug allowing players to go on the roof of one of the lodges has left a sour taste in my mouth. I'm still going to play the game religiously, but I'd like this to be addressed. In the case that this person is NOT cheating and they were legitimate in their efforts, I applaud their luck.
  8. How about counselors going on the roof at the lodge? Otherwise, great work!
  9. Just played a match a few hours after reading this -- very unfortunate glitch, hope it is addressed soon
  10. Please update so counselors can't go on the roof or any other unreachable places, please.
  11. Thank you for the warm welcome! I actually feel a bit guilty that I got this game free -- I was actually going to purchase the game soon but it happened to present itself for free soon after. I'll support with purchases in the downloadable content though as I love what they've done. I did, however, just have a frustrating match where counselors went to the roof of a lodge making it impossible for me to kill them. As I cherish every chance I get to play as Jason, I was a bit sad. That being the biggest problem I have though, I can't say I'm living a bad life lol I just uploaded the video to YouTube -- no need to watch the whole thing as you get the idea. The game did eventually crash. I attempted to morph on to the roof to no avail per some of the other members on this forum from back in 2017.
  12. I've been putting in a lot of time with this game the last month -- interaction bugs every so often, pretty decent lobbies -- if you're searching for a game for 3+ minutes it's best to end the search and start over or else it will go 20 + minutes with no result. On an average match, maybe 1 person will survive which is pretty accurate to how the movies go. I didn't play the game before the PS plus download so unfortunately I can't compare to times past, but I generally enjoy the game despite the bugs/animations.
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