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  1. With this patch, players leave the game before dying. Penalty with level reduction would be better than salt mines.
  2. good day. it's already Tuesday, we wait for news
  3. It is not necessary to report. enter YouTube and watch the millions of videos
  4. What is known about the demand for the franchise?
  5. He just killed one on the roof. It's great. thanks for not fixing it🤣
  6. I use the translator to read. And the translation is not good and I do not understand well what the new stun
  7. Jason They would have to see on the map the house where they call Tomy. And do not let the counselors start from that place
  8. this is solved by zooming in on the map and jason appearing directly above any object. there is still a way to climb the roof
  9. I would like the player who uses Jason not to listen to the audio chat, because I see a lot helping janso. On the other hand, they would have to add points for the salt mines that kill with the car more than two camper
  10. like janson. I'll go from the car to the boat, from the boat to the phone for the first 10 minutes. and then ... I kill everyone .
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