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  1. yeah the Jason getn abused by groups of "brave" counselors is beyond rediculous. The only Jason that has stun resistance is part 9 and even he gets battered repeatedly. All thise Jasons in the game should Not be so easily stunned. The blocking is so awkward thats its nearly impossible to pull off when ur swarmed. Im an apex Jason but yeah he shuld be way more powerful. He's a monster but the counselors treat him like he's a schoolyard bully getn teamed up on by kids who's had enough. I feel like when he's in rage mode he shuld be at his most dangerous and his chances of being stunned shuld be very very little. Also he needs a crowd control move. like a big swipe sideways to clear some space. Like in f13 the movie part 6 when he killed those 3 paint ballers with one swipe of the machete
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