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  1. With the whole thing about Part 7 needing a buff,an idea came to my mind,how about a game mode that focus more on the water aspect of some of the Jasons. Here s the idea,let say the game mode is called - Aquatic Rumble - ,basically you have a map consisting of mostly water with a bunch of small islands with one in the middle and the others scathered around. There will be like 2 or 3 boats that need to be repaired,but the parts are scattered all over the small islands,so you will need to swim from one island to the other if you want to bring those back to the boats. Of course,any Jasons with faster water travel will go very well with this mode. This would be a tense but also fun game mode to play,what do you guys think ?
  2. The point of this topic is to know what is more scary and tense... A killer/monster who can run or one who move at a slower pace but is more tougher to take down. For me its gotta be the ones that can run...why ? Because its a lot more tense when something is running toward you since it leave you with less time to think about a strategy,you need to pick up the pace yourself and think quick if you want to survive. Thats why running zombies are always much more of a threat than the slower ones. Think about any movies where the killer/monster always move at a slow steady pace,now imagine those movies if they ran instead,things would be quite different. For exemple take the movie (It Follows),now imagine if the creature in that movie always ran without ever being exhausted,always going at a constant running pace,i tell ya the peoples who have the curse wouldnt have time to stick around and would always need to be on the move,always going from place to place in a car,hoping that they dont ran out of gas or are stoped by the police (or being in a accident) then sent to jail or a hospital/asylum or else they are f***ed. But what about you guys ? Wich one do you think is scarier ?
  3. My guess is that the model artist as some difficulties trying to model certain aspects of that Jason (pre-uber) for the moment,like the face or the clothes for exemple and still need to work on it. Uber Jason was made before that one probably because we can see the details of his body more clearly than pre-uber and that it was probably easier for them to invent a face for Uber than it is to accurately re-create the face of pre-uber. Its only a guess tough.
  4. I know,that is kinda scary,underwater as always been something that i was on the fence about. In one way there are beautiful things you can find under the water,like the coral reef for exemple,but then there s also scary and disturbing things that you can find and who know what else you might find that is hidden in the ominous deeps of the water.
  5. Space Outfits

    nuff said.
  6. But seriously the statue need to be updated with a new mask with a better strap. Thats why i think a Part 6 or 8 mask would be a better choice. If the statue is going to stay in that lake for years to come,it need a better mask.
  7. The guy who posted the videos say its somewhere in Minnesota but doesnt say exactly wich lake it is. Heck,would be interesting if someone could go there and replace the old mask with a new one,one with a tougher leather strap,maybe a part 6 or part 8 mask would be nice.
  8. Peoples forget...he s down there...waiting.
  9. So i just saw this,seem that back in the summer of 2014,some peoples put an actual statue of Jason underwater in one of Minnesota popular dive sites,not sure wich Lake tough, if someone can confirm wich one it is,it would be much appreciated. This video was posted the 7 of June 2014 This one was posted the 11th of October 2017. edit:Just noticed in the 2nd video that the strap for the mask as broken,the more flexible strap cant stay underwater too long without eventually broking,thats why Part 6,7 and 8 Jason have all a more hard leather strap.
  10. What i definitely like about the alpha is some of the effects like the fog and the moonlight that shine trough the trees,those give more atmosphere to the environments. Another thing i would had like to see is the characters making sound when going trough the bushes and also better wind sounds,especially if the trees and bushes move with the winds. These are the things that the version we have right now kinda lack or need to be improved.
  11. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Awhile ago someone leaked footages of contents that are going to come for the game,im not going to show the videos but im sure you can find it on Youtube because lots of youtubers have copied the videos and released them,so im sure you guys can find them. Its too late for Gunmedia to damage control now anyway,so thats why im talking about it. In the videos we see new kills with some of them probably for the singleplayer challenges and new clothes for the counselors. One of those clothes is different from the others,once you see it you might recognize it since a certain mean blonde from part 7 wear something similar.
  12. Just saw this pop up in my recomended youtube videos,lol that is kinda funny. Made by AlphaGamer,its an intro wich he made for his streams.
  13. Make part 4 eyes darker

    You guys must have memories problem,we can clearly see Jason eyes in all the indoor scenes,its only when he is outside that we dont see them clearly. Its not necessary for the devs to make the eye holes darker,the in-game model is perfectly acurate to the movie.
  14. Fuckin A,we finally got weapons swap,i ve been waiting and talking about it for this for so long,glad that we finally got that option coming.