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    Like horror and action movies,play video games,also like mangas+animes.My favorite horror series are Friday the 13th,Nightmare on Elm Street,Halloween,Child's Play and Evil Dead.I also like anything related to the 80's.

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  1. Im not sure if i should find this either epic or scary. If someone could actually master those he would be a badass,but also if i saw someone with those coming toward me i would be quite scared,because nunchucks tend to be quite unpredictable when in the hands of one who can master them. What do you guys think ?
  2. Celebrating Lovecraftian Lore

    I love me some Lovecraft too. I got 2 books,the Shadow over Innsmouth and another one wich is a compilation of 6 stories. (Dagon,The Nameless City,Imprisoned with the Pharaons,The Call of Cthulhu,At the Mountains of Madness and The Shadow out of Time.) I know that the first Alone in the Dark had some in-game refferences to Lovecraft lore. exemples from that game : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyOorNQm120 There's also the game Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth,wich is also quite nice.
  3. Favorite Horror Comedies

    I'll have to go with some of the movies you guys mentioned too. Tough,i will always have a soft spot for Evil Dead 2,that's the one movie that i can watch over and over again without getting tired of watching it.
  4. What kind of soda do you drink?

    I dont drink soda,nor beer,nor wine,nor veggie juice,nor coffee,nor tea. (except iced tea maybe,depending on the flavor) I only drink water,milk,fruit juice,slushies and smoothies. Only time i ever drink something with a bit of alcohol,it was a margarita.
  5. Children Everywhere

    To give my 2 cents on the matter,i also watched horror movies at a young age. Saw F13 Part 7 first and some of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. But watching those movies didnt made me into a psycho as i grew up,im still a well behaved adult,i dont go on wearing a mask and killing peoples with a weapon in real life. Only thing those movies did to me is making me a fan of those horror series,that's all.
  6. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    Some peoples forget that you can make things more challenging by putting limits on yourself,to spice things up. Like trying to play without using the throwing knives and traps. Or playing without running (if using Part 2,3 and 4) or power-walking (if using a non-running Jason). Or trying to use shift and morph as less as possible or just dont use those at all. By doing those kind of things,you add a bit more difficulty to your experience. Oh and i agree with Jonas3333,we should have the option to modify the time limit or turn it off.
  7. Jason...the man with 2 mouths. Also his face look like a PS1 character textured face.
  8. My custom Part 7 mask

    Seriously,looking at your mask,it kinda look like a mix between Part 6 and 7. This is probably because of the coloration,the shape and damaged part look like the Part 7 mask,but the tone of the mask and triangle is more like the Part 6 mask. The triangle should be a darker red and the tone of the mask should look more like pure white with a bit of dirt on it here and there,instead of the cream color in the pictures you have shown.
  9. Favorite Freddy Glove

    My favorites are the 4th one and the FvJ one. I like the 4th one because it's probably the most colorful and weathered of all the gloves,and also the sharper look of the blades,it's a glove that clearly show how aged it is,that it's been years (like almost what ? 2 or 3 decades) since Freddy's death at the hands of the angry parents mob.The redness of the finger tips wich is actually similar to the part 1 glove redness tough it's a lot more red on the part 4 glove,the backplate having lots of black spots,the solder spilts and the darker yellow glove wich also look a little bit kinda greenish,it's probably the nastiest of the gloves with Part 6 glove being in 2nd place. And i also like the FvJ glove,mostly because of how menacing those blades look,it's one beast of a glove,can you imagine being pierced by those blades. As of right now,i have a Part 3 glove by Neca,it's probably not as top quality and 100% accurate compared to the gloves made by peoples like RazorGloves or Terrorgloves or Dark Dream Design,but it's cheaper (about around 60$) and look a lot more like an actual Freddy's glove with real copper and metal parts compared to the cheaper plastic gloves or that Rubies Deluxe glove wich as a terrible fake leather glove while the Neca gloves are actual real leather gloves. Only problem tough,is that i have a bit of difficulty with the pinky finger (a problem that most peoples seem to have) and it's not exactly as accurate as the glove shown by WashingtonJones,you can see that the Neca glove doesnt have all the black weathering on the backplate and some of the fingers,those are a lot cleaner,and the solder spilt is like a dark brown/red kind of color instead of the silverish color it's supposed to have,but it still look like an actual glove anyway. And while it's a smaller glove compared to the other 2 gloves made by Neca (Part 1 & Remake),sure it was a bit difficult at first to put my hand inside it,but eventually the leather glove loosened a bit and now it's easier for me to wear it.
  10. Zoo had a point

    And here's another thread waiting to be locked... Dont you dare antagonize the moderators Caulus...
  11. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    Oh boy,Paul Phoenix is p***ed off right now,seem that he found something in the game datas for the A.I bots and that GunMedia+illfonic might not be the one who created the A.I system for those bots.
  12. [Spoilers] Future confirmed content.

    damnit,you beat me to it,i was also going to post the video,but you did it before me. He kinda look like what i expected him to look,tough i imagined the teeth+gum to be organic,but instead they are metallic,wich is kinda understandable since those micro-bots can only repair him with synthetic skin and metallic parts.
  13. I always imagined that if the devs were to include child Jason in the gameplay somehow,it would be as an ''illusion trap ability'' that Jason could set around the map and use to briefly stun a counselor or scare them. Imagine,you are playing as a counselor,exploring the map,Jason can set the trap on a door (works only with door and closets/outdoor toilets,it doesnt work with windows or tents),then when you open a door inside a cabin you see child Jason right in front of you,for a few seconds your character get scared like when you see a dead body,then child Jason disappear in a puff of smoke,because he was an illusion,so it's a good ability to increase a counselor fear and stun them for a few seconds. The ability can also be used similarly to a bear trap if used on the ground instead of a door to stun counselors into a mash the button animation,like for exemple: you explore around the map and if you step in the trap,child Jason will appear right next to you and grab you by the leg,you will then need to mash the action button to get out of his hold,then he disappear in a puff of smoke,the only difference compared to a bear trap is that you dont receive damage,you only get in a mash the button animation. Oh and it can also be used in the water,tought the zone to activate the trap will be larger,once a counselor enter it,child Jason come out of the water and hold onto the counselor,you will then need again to mash the button to get out of his hold and make him disappear. (trap work both on boat and swimming) What do you guys think ? I think that if Jason had such an ability,he would be more powerful,becaue he would have 1 more trick up his sleeves.