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  1. Is the rubber banding glitch the one where players keep teleporting back to the car?
  2. No reason to feel ungrateful. It would be like banding together to ask for some oranges but instead getting lemons but painted to look like oranges.
  3. I was a little bummed that her personality didn't come through in game. It seems as though her voicelines are lazily copied from other counselors. The devs gave us a quick description of her personality which failed to come through in game at all. 'Similar to Chad, Victoria comes from money and she is used to getting her way. So much so that she often is perceived as “bitchy” and manipulative. She doesn’t mean any physical harm, but it’s safe to say that in a pinch, she’s looking out for herself first. ' I got to play as her today. And I remember that during the start of the game and when calling the police she seems to mention 'we' a lot rather than saying "I" and talking about her safety. Instead most of her in game characteristics go against her character description and personality. As she is far less aggressive and "bitchy" and more calm and concerned. Call me picky but it seems like a bit of a lazy job that Melissa herself would frown upon.
  4. I know, they said they would patch it in the next update but that was last year. Hopefully we see it soon.
  5. Hey people, Where can I find Vanessa in this mode? I can't seem to find her anywhere!
  6. Hello Aron! Welcome. The only thing I would really like from Illfonic in terms of communication would be more clarification on release dates for DLC and just general information. - Currently the emote party pack 2 has not been dated,(I assume there is a part 2, since there a couple of emotes we have seen in trailers that we didn't get in party pack 1, and usually if it were a one off pack it wouldn't have part 1 in the name) - The roadmap could be a little less vague. (I know it can't be very specific if the DLC hasn't even been made yet but it's just so vague and confusing.
  7. This is what I agree with, a lot players (from all levels) would only use grabbing as a method of winning the match and some could do this fairly well, unless they got the car started it was quite easy to kill counselors. (Depending on the Jason) And it quickly became the norm to grab as Jason. That's why I feel like now Jason has been nerfed with his grab, people soon realise how hard it is to play Jason without relying on it working as it used to. I am not for buffing or nerfing Jason anymore, just fix him. He was certainly broken before and he is still broken now. That sounds very pointed, as if it is a counselors fault if they die because Jason has a faulty grab animation. If what you are saying is true then it wouldn't be the counselors fault at all, nor the Jason player, therefore people would be understandably unhappy with it. (Prepare for my shit analogy time) If Jason was chasing me down the street and he grabbed me like he did pre-patch and killed me, then once I got to heavens gates the passive-aggressive receptionist told me "Oh yeah, Jason has a weird grab and like you really should of done a better job avoiding it, I mean it really is your fault, I mean have you not seen the videos? You should be at least an average oriental rugs distance away from jason at all times, or something like that I don't know". I would be pretty annoyed and angry. Because remember kids, before all else remember to stay an average rug size away from all men in hockey masks in case they grab you with their invisible faulty animations but it wouldn't matter because it's all your fault. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh my goodness, people now have to utilize all of Jasons gameplay mechanics, how monstrous!
  8. I haven't seen people picking running Jasons more frequently, part 8 is still a top pick just as usual as well as Savini but then again that is subjective as it's a different experience for each player. At first I felt the same way and that slashing was more prominent now then ever but then I realised people have always slashed just as people have always shift-grabbed.
  9. @Tommy86 I haven't really discussed distance or range in my post but neither have I discussed the design so nonetheless the grab in general is poor before and after the update. But now it means Jason players will actually have to work harder in order to win a match.
  10. This is my take on Jasons grab nerf. What I can appreciate about the grab nerf is we don't get any incidents where his grab is completely ridiculous, you may find yourself in situations like these which for the most part couldn't be avoided due to connection issues and no dedicated servers. This looks and feels completely broken and a Jason player could just close their eyes and end up grabbing someone unless it's an experienced and no fucks given counselor, the only way this gameplay could be plausible would be if it were Star Wars trying because last time I checked Jason couldn't use the force. At this point in the game, the majority of Jason and counselor players alike would often shut down any complaints from a player in one of these given situations with things like "You need to just get good" or "You just suck at the game", which is incredibly rich as now those people are the ones saying that the Jason nerf ruined the game and it's impossible to catch counselors....... yeah sure whatever you say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And my favourite comment is "The Jason nerf makes the game not scary at all", yes because watching people dancing in super hero costumes and tiny swim shorts is truely frightening already. ---- Though I can appreciate that it is much more challenging to catch counselors with the last update, it can still be done and we wont see much balance in gameplay until the servers and Jason mechanics have found a happy medium in which they can work without any problems for both players. What I have enjoyed about the new update is that it has opened up my style of gameplay for Jason, I am now utilizing all of his gameplay mechanics aswell as trying to stay one step ahead of the counselors rather than just grab constantly. Although this update is a bit extreme in these server conditions (Which are far from brilliant) you just have to make do with what you have and challenge yourself as a Jason player.
  11. Well you did your best and that's all you can really do. Everyone seems to leave mid game these days
  12. You just have to pick your battles, playing Jason isn't too difficult if you block, sometimes it's ok to slash them to death or instant choke if they are all huddled together. But hey at least they are working as a team, that's something you don't see often on this game.
  13. I love the idea for this. As someone who has been level 101 for about two months I can honestly say that I have hardly any drive to complete the match other than just winning. I would love to continue to level up aswell as others see my progression. I feel like this is a very good way to push people to keep on playing. I would love to see some special counselor costume unlocks for each prestige, that way people can visibly see the level you are.
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