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  1. @ Viernes_Queen ¡ Welcome to the forums! The truth is that I'm not with that problem. You have a video to analyze. I think they should stun incorrectly when Jason does not kneel.
  2. @Dragonfire82877 Yesterday, they took off my mask with only 3 hits. Two blows at the beginning of the game with Vanessa's ax and almost at the end of the game with Brandon's machete. I do not understand how the mask can come out with only 3 strokes.
  3. @ naeD Lamento escuchar tu problema. ¿Qué PC tienes y de dónde eres?
  4. As I do not play on ps4. they have video game play about @RustInPeace ? @Mallory40P @Shadesofjoe
  5. Thank you very much for the information . I get rid of all doubts. Waiting then
  6. Since we are talking about virtual reality and terror I recommend the experience Affected: The Manor will scare you lol
  7. In November 2018, a large increase in players and profits thanks to its Halloween offer.
  8. Every time I play in packack, a troll climbs to the roof. I have some videos, but I do not know whether to take the time to upload them so they are not banned. The same ones who did it had pirated savini and were never banned.
  9. Yesterday they tried to kill me 2 times without success. Use part 3 with the death of the butcher direct to the sweater and the knives to avoid being killed hahaha. Part 3 is very useful for those battles. use the shift and attack
  10. I think I exaggerate a bit @JED . but as I said earlier the discounts do not hurt to attract players
  11. ¿No había sido prohibido en el juego? Eso lo entendí en el hilo anterior que publico. ¿Hay prohibiciones que duren un día? @Mattshotcha
  12. In PC we need players the discounts do not come at all bad for the fans of the game
  13. As you know, Christmas is coming, there are always offers in the games on this date Should there be an offer to acquire the game? What you think?
  14. Creo que si juegas bien con Jason e inteligentemente puedes dificultar que los consejeros lo maten. Pero incluso así terminarán matándote en un juego fácilmente y si no tienes mucha suerte, será más fácil.
  15. Poor jason in this thread instead of looking like a killer looks like a victim lol. they should improve it urgently ; Even being strategic they can kill you easily if there are good players.
  16. I do not take it personally, on the contrary, I like to read what others think. To me in this case I like how is the current Tommy system
  17. It is always 1 or 2 if it dies or escapes. If you have the bad luck to wait because they kill you fast and you play, I do not think it's wrong for you to be Tommy
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