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  1. remove lock? What do you say man, Jason has to have a block that works correctl
  2. I found myself against a team of 5 who were going to hit me directly to kill me and even let me get to the car to hurt me or put traps in the fuse. Nothing I can do I remembered this topic.
  3. @mattshotchaI don't want to fight you, but I'm honest, it's true that it's easy to kill him. You don't have to be very expert to achieve it. In my humble opinion, The suggestion of what everyone says increases HP's mask and, in case of anger, guns, firecrackers and flares can stun it. It also seems to me that Jason would need the quick lock, it's one of the most important things he could have
  4. What do you mean by that? Thank you very much for all the information provided
  5. I don't think it works with the keyboard and mouse. If it works let him know
  6. I couldn't do it on PC because my RB button doesn't work well. ☺️
  7. This is what I meant in my theme created. In the ps4 console I can use it without problems, On pc with keyboard and mouse / Joystick 360 no. It might not work either way on pc
  8. Thanks man today I will try. Do you play with the keyboard and mouse? shift can be held in place? How would it be with keyboard and mouse? . I look like a bot with keyboard and mouse haha
  9. use the X box 360, I'm going to check if I can do it with keyboard and mouse and obviously with joystick. I appreciate your response
  10. I also use joystick 360. Can you go back and look forward in that way for example?
  11. for example on ps4 I can look forward to moving to the sides and stay in place straight. On pc I would go where I am looking. I would like you to investigate this @mattshotcha
  12. Hi, I don't know if they know that there are many techniques that I can do in ps4 with respect to Shift but in PC I can't do them. Why is the reason? There is a lot of difference in handling even if you use Joystick
  13. I think 7 0 8 less than 10 times safe in 2 years I play But a few days ago they killed me almost without getting into fury mode just one Vanessa and tommy. Obviously first they took my mask off before going to my house
  14. the block is garbage only serves as host. It should work the same in public
  15. @mattshotcha The information is appreciated, I prefer to wait but the patch does not bring problems. By the way, we hope that the next one is the environmental death and I would like Jason's blockade of blows to be fast as the old versions
  16. Hopefully today, and not bring new problems. I will cross my fingers with which they will repair without other problems
  17. I am crossing my fingers. That the next patch is free of BUG. It will be this Friday or the other? lol
  18. The anger mode of now is better than the old one, I would change that the flares and firecrackers also stun him. Only that would add. By the way, welcome to the forum
  19. I would like the old JASON lock back. I think it's something much better than today
  20. @mattshotcha When the pc patch will arrive? Will the problem that users have on other platforms be fixed?
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