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  1. Incredible amount of hackers these days. I report and they keep playing without problems
  2. Yesterday I came across a hack that had Jason x even new dances with Tommy Jarvis. Now I cross with another one that puts a new name virtual map booth. Play with wheelchair bugsy
  3. I am seeing that since yesterday on social networks a file is being shared in a video that unlocks: DLC CLOTHING, DEAD NEW WEAPONS, KILL SHOTTGUN, everything that cannot be launched. I can report it in Jason Killbug ? @ mattshotcha @ Kodiak
  4. I think it would be very positive for the game...
  5. No, but if he says it's hard to kill Jason, it's probably his level. I played very badly and killed them in 8 minutes, because they played very horrible and worst of all they insulted me in their language
  6. Record a video that I played very badly with the keyboard and mouse, but it shows that it is difficult for newbies to sometimes kill it. Even so, I take off my mask.
  7. Friday part 4 and 6: THE BEST. After: Friday part 7 Friday part 3 Friday part 8 Friday part 2 Original friday Friday Ramake Freddy vs. Jason Friday part 5 and the worst JASON x
  8. Hopefully there is something for PC and ps4 to attract new players on Halloween
  9. this man says he plays from the beta version but it seems that he only starts playing for what he explains
  10. You have to have pacienciencia. I hope they repair the block able I will never see it
  11. I realized you only saw the first game. Look at the secondr
  12. In general, these techniques are not very effective outside the host. You will even be surprised in the defense mode when several hit you. Yes it works but in some cases. The blocking should work only when hitting the counselor there would be much more useful. What I do sometimes I approach places where I can attack and block
  13. I appreciate your response. Sometimes that is not even the solution. Just jason
  14. I pass several times while I call the police. I can't do anything or move. He only leaves if Jason cuts the communication Has it happened to you?
  15. While more than a year ago I have all the tapes in my main account. In my account that I currently have 10 months this weekend, I find more tapes than months playing with this account. Big event
  16. Thank you. She and I are fans of the game haha. She included beta juice and movies since childhood. By the way after watching the movie again I liked how Tommy Jarvis is in the game
  17. Today Friday 13th movie night with my girlfriend. Exclusively part 4 and 6 the favorites
  18. Unfortunately, 1800 people voted only about 50, but I will give the results. The 70% believe that it is very easy to kill him and that it is necessary to improve it. One of the suggestions they found was Jason could recover the mask by recharging energy. They also said how to kill here is the easiest Other people who were against it getting better, they think anger should change as it was before. Although they are few people and nothing changes. This shows that the vast majority of people think the same as here. Gun Media should do it on the facebook page to see the results
  19. Create a survey of a Facebook page that South American administered. If it is easy to kill him or not and if they think it has to be improved. Tomorrow I will give the results that players think in other external sources here
  20. would be great. @mattshotchaCould you inform if there will be an event?
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