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  1. 1 hour ago, SirMang said:

    No there's no issue with player data.  People still play in private lobbies and the data is just fine. 

    If you disabled the dedicated servers, then everyone would be on public P2P servers thus it wouldn't take as long. 

    If all of these local saves are susceptible to hackers, as you want to claim, then why was the game initially released without dedicated servers where those saves could have been potentially compromised?  If these local saves are susceptible to hackers as you want to claim, why do we have private lobbies that are P2P as well? 

    You want to play this fearmongering game that the big bad hackers are going to come and steal your bread, yet the game was released without dedicated servers and still allows for private lobbies.  Both of which fly in the face of your remarks here.  Both of which still *gasp* saved player data.

    As apparently the patch you just released was garbage, as in it did not work, it was a waste of a month.  So take another month apparently and do the easy solution. a solution that  is simple, disable dedicated servers. 

    @mattshotcha oh so if I make simple comments with simple solutions while pointing out you're wrong both now and based on the history of the game you don't want to hear my opinion?  Awesome.  Silence the critics!  Keep up the ass kissing.  I hope you can figure out a solution to this problem before next year then, I'm sure you all are doing a bang job.  Especially with how fast you patch anything in this game.  

    Last comment...you really think people shouldn't be frustrated at the incompetence of fixing/patching/securing this game?  Seriously? 


    It is not to be against you, but the problem is not the dedicated servers. On PC, for example, there is a fatal error when having the game open without connecting to a dedicated server

  2. 28 minutes ago, TimDuke 01 said:

    I'd just like to know which is true A: They are taking revenge for getting banned  or  B: trying to get finished or almost finished content released and getting bugs fixed faster.  I've heard both excuses as their motive or is it neither. I'd lean toward A because if they are good enough to hack servers then they could have just gave everyone access to Savini, Jason X, clothing and kill packs that are  done and are in the game files.

    Hackers want to disturb. You can not play again. What content do you say?

  3. 9 minutes ago, HaHaTrumpWon said:

    In the devs defense (I can't believe I actually just said that) they probably didn't expect killing Jason to become so rampant, and I don't blame them. If you had told me when I first started playing that in a couple of years counselors killing Jason would become so common that you have to treat every lobby like a kill-squad until proven otherwise, I'd have laughed and told you to fuck off because "That's not how this game is going to work. Jason does the killing, counselors do the dying". Yet a few nights ago, me and a couple of friends literally chased Jason down and killed him. Jason-motherfucking-Voorhees was actually running AWAY from counselors. He wasn't some brand new n00b who just got the game recently, this guy was a lv 150 who had months (if not years) of experience playing. It didn't help him much though because, experienced or not, the Jason-kill is ridiculously easy as long as you have at least two people that know what they're doing.

    Edit: Skip to about 13:00 


    Yesterday I had a similar confrontation playing with Jason. But they didn't kill me because, unlike I had part 3 and they were 2 players, not 3. I did something similar to that Jason in my game, but it also blocked. That part 8 is very difficult for death squads compared to part 3.

  4. 20 hours ago, mattshotcha said:

    We can't allow mods in a game with a licensed IP, unless it were through a map editor and handled LONG ago where every potential map asset were approved by partners prior. To develop that now, and not be able to charge a dime for it to recover development costs is foolish and unrealistic.

    We're working with a small dev team, with minimal incoming revenue stream to fund even what work we are doing already. To say we don't deserve paychecks because we're not doing enough is absurd. You do realize if we did what you are saying we couldn't be paid for it right? That sentence about items or in game features being "already commercially available by normal means" refers to nothing new being able to be sold. So what you're proposing, just for the sake of transparency and honesty is that we develop features and release them all for free on a 2 year old game at the risk of drawing heat from the partners who are arguing over the rights of the game currently? And do all of that with a team that is already working to untie some of the knots in the underlying code that they didn't originally write themselves. That's your take on a "Good Idea" for a game at this stage and a team of this size? That's a good business decision?

    Right. We have the Environmental Kills issue the team is working away at and we're investigating some other things may take some time, as the team is going to ONLY approach these items similarly to how we approached the roof fix after the bad patch. Which is to go through with a fine tooth comb and make sure the entire system is gone over before release to the public.

    As for the double event, it is really great that you may have reached 150 and got all the tapes already. But not everyone has. It's something fun we can do and we can be flexible with, so we thought it would make for a fun event. We recently launched on Switch, we have sales going on PS4 and PC, and we're free on Xbox. That's a lot of players who could use the 2XP and Tapes.

    Perk drop rates and such are something we're looking into, but it's a tricky thing. We don't have IllFonic on hand for that and we want to take time to be cautious and know what we can and cannot do, rather than introduce an issue.

    We'll have more info on where we are as we get closer to the new year.

    Thanks Matt, I will wait for the next news of the patch.

    Tip for next Friday, December 13, we could have an event like the last one again

  5. 8 minutes ago, Kangle said:

    Left the game for quite some time, but had the urge to pick it up again with it being Halloween and all.

    I ran into a Savini Jason who had a couple of kills I hadn't seen before.   Are those hacked?  Or can they be unlocked somehow?  I have Savini from supporting the Jumpstarter, but don't remember ever seeing any extra DLC offered for it.

    Just curious. 

    What platforms do you play on?
    Surely they are hacked.
    On PC I crossed several of those

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