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  1. I meant tape guaranteed in each game. December 13 which is Friday
  2. Thanks Matt, I will wait for the next news of the patch. Tip for next Friday, December 13, we could have an event like the last one again
  3. On PC, people don't buy it at a discount -50%. Few new players. I hope he never dies.
  4. What platforms do you play on? Surely they are hacked. On PC I crossed several of those
  5. I report two players who play on the PC when you enter their profile, this appears: 1 lock in registered game | Details 0 day (s) since your last block I say this because last week I thought like you and today I realized that I was confused
  6. @shady @Fair Play I come to report that 2 players were banned to report this week. so they are still banned
  7. @FridayThe31st At a certain time when it does not find servers, the game creates a peer to peer host server, it can be you or another person who cannot find a public server. If the host leaves the game, close the server and remove everyone in the. I usually believe it to connect to these servers within 5 minutes of searching for a game
  8. the game is free until November 15 for that the new large number of players. I hope there is a part 2
  9. It must be for the new number of new players. Collapse
  10. Inform the players with a lot of material to prove that they are hacking the game, play all kinds of tricks even play with Jason X unlimited resistance Tommy jarvis dancing and I still see them as if nothing. What is the problem they keep playing as if nothing? and no son prohibited?
  11. Welcome to the forum. Is your name your favorite map in the game?
  12. For the repair of errors if nothing breaks I believe that they would one exclusively for the failures of death another exclusively for the failures of the car, and another in general as the failures of calling police. After the big patch would be some modifications to our beloved JASON that could be after repairing the failures of the deaths so my number is 4
  13. You are forgetting some mistakes. Like when you call Tommy Jarvis or the police
  14. That's not much of a Christmas gift. I guess I'll have to send bottles of one's favorite beverage to compensate. 😎 OK, I'll wait for drinks too, but don't make me wait for next year ☺️ haha
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