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  1. With that point of view, no hacker should be banned. Anyone who uses glitch or gets into the code does not respect the rule of the developers. Obviously with your position the game is like this on PC everyone does what they want, nothing happens. Edito, thank God I was able to ban several a while ago.
  2. hey I don't say profile or anything. On the contrary, if we talk about breaking rules, if you make him play with Jason X, you do not comply with what the code says in the regulations. Hope the hacked games are solved, I prefer to play on my console because on PC it's a party, anyone does what they want, from youtubers who don't respect hackers at all, even you who use a modified game even if you don't bother anyone. By the way, a friend uses the region of Chile, Brazil, Argentina and tells me that there are no hacked lobbies, check to do it.
  3. I prefer to play on my console because on PC it's a party, anyone does what they want.
  4. I think just having Jason X is getting into the game's code. But don't get me wrong, I think I accept what it does.
  5. I do not believe that the opposite should be prohibited. in a way you are understanding the code of the game. or am I confused?
  6. Play with Jason. On his channel he already uploads videos that break the rules like nothing. The other day I posted several reports on the easy anticheat page, but they are still there. Are you still banned from the game?
  7. When is this patch supposed to come out? What problems will it solve?
  8. @mattshotcha I want to know if it's against the rules.
  9. I'll see if I send a ticket, but there is a new error that you can run run you are injured
  10. Games are frozen without the host closing. It already happened to me 4 times. Two times being a host and two times with a friend
  11. Teleportation with a combat stance still works. abduction jason doesn't work @mattshotcha
  12. Thank you for everything I wish you and the team the best. @mattshotcha But please if you can somehow implement host migration. It would surely be very appreciated by all many players. by the way very nice patch they are going to spear corrections, I hope to see its fruit in its launch.
  13. Is there a possibility that I can implement a dedicated server in my country in some time? @mattshotcha Host it myself
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