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  1. In the Halloween Plaform Steam, I had lowered a% 85, I think, with this low price of 19.99 USD and if you get to see a Christmas discount, more players will come to the game. They are welcome
  2. The Rain

    Jason is weak

    Unfortunately, I'm not in steam, but I'd love for us to play. It's fun when the teams that know how to play make it difficult. When he is in Ps4 he will let you know
  3. The Rain

    Jason is weak

    Many times they tried to kill me without success 3 or 4 counselors. I do not say that I am a professional but I kill them strategically. The generator that you mention is also strategic is a way to avoid being killed
  4. The Rain

    Jason is weak

    I do not think Jason is so weak if you can play strategically with him.
  5. The Rain

    f13 hackers

    These players ruin the fun of the game .
  6. The Rain

    Winter Maps

    I like it, it would be great
  7. If you have time, I uploaded the video to see it. I played offline and went up the small mountain Higgins Haven behind the main house. My computer suffered a failure I could not practice on other maps but I will already
  8. Investigating playing without connection. I climbed a mountain but others I could not. You can climb mountain or not as Jason I think they should sanction the players who do this so that Jason does not kill them. I do not mean to ban them forever but at least some warning or that I can not play 1 day or even a week
  9. Like Jason, you can not go as a counselor if you can run and crouch and climb.
  10. The Rain

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    I agree with the private elements that should work just like in the public ones. Now, as for the cancellation, it seems that it is better to investigate it. I learned it alone. like now that you hit the wall / car or when a counselor wants to enter through a window, you can hit and grab at the same time or even in combat mode you can hit and defend super fast. What I am against is the cheating counselors who climb mountains, enter other things as I went up today in a subject. Required patch
  11. The Rain

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Playing in a private game and being a host you defend yourself fast. The problem is with the public servers. Because without connection you also defend fast. Previous updates podias hit, cancel and defend fast. Grab, cancel and defend fast :
  12. Do you break the rules of the game? If 3 friends climb impossible to kill them?
  13. I've already played with players who use traps or climb mountains as counselor , like this video that I detail : How can I kill these counselors who climb mountains? As a counselor you can go up but as Jason does not Are the rules broken to do this as a counselor?