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  1. I'll see if I send a ticket, but there is a new error that you can run run you are injured
  2. Games are frozen without the host closing. It already happened to me 4 times. Two times being a host and two times with a friend
  3. Teleportation with a combat stance still works. abduction jason doesn't work @mattshotcha
  4. Thank you for everything I wish you and the team the best. @mattshotcha But please if you can somehow implement host migration. It would surely be very appreciated by all many players. by the way very nice patch they are going to spear corrections, I hope to see its fruit in its launch.
  5. Is there a possibility that I can implement a dedicated server in my country in some time? @mattshotcha Host it myself
  6. This year will we have a Halloween event? Or some discount in the game store to attract new players? Will there be new patches in the future? How long will dedicated servers still live, do you plan to implement peer to peer after they disappear? I appreciate any response. They are only doubts that I would like to know
  7. Halloween Could they make new profits with perks? For Jason and Counselors
  8. If they incorporate p2p servers. Crossplay game would be a good option @mattshotcha
  9. It is not to be against you, but the problem is not the dedicated servers. On PC, for example, there is a fatal error when having the game open without connecting to a dedicated server
  10. Hackers want to disturb. You can not play again. What content do you say?
  11. Thanks for the info. @mattshotcha I hope you have news as soon as possible to play again.
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