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  1. Do you know anything about the new patch? Sorry, I'm working a lot these days and I'm not aware
  2. Will there be a new patch to improve our beloved Jason as for example give him a quick block?
  3. Memorize must be affecting you lol. ☺️ The fuse box is always in some location
  4. I like the idea. I would also like to improve the bots. As well as having practice options like stopping the car, blocking the blows among other things.
  5. Regrettably, the problem continues. I can not play decently
  6. Servers SA do you know something? They are not working since yesterday and it is general. @Mattshotcha
  7. Hello, the players from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, among others, are having problems with the server, we are playing with a lot of MS. The entire lobby was filled with the same problem. Someone knows something about it?
  8. The block is necessary to suffer less damage so that the mask does not come out.
  9. You must be drugged man. Your brain does not know what a point of view is
  10. Where can I see the games? Which are the rules? They must also do for PC users
  11. It is very exaggerated to say that Jason is unstoppable. The counselors who want to make piñata party cries excessively lol
  12. The flares should stun him and the firecrackers should also stun them in anger mode at least the firecrackers Need Increase of HP A quick lock is necessary @Mattshotcha Listen to our suggestions that will make the game better and better ☺️
  13. Does the dreaded Jason die before he arrives in anger mode? I do not think the patch is very useful for what you say then.
  14. I think it's acceptable. for example now the achievement of surviving alone with tifany is an almost impossible challenge I would say lol
  15. @Dragonfire82877 I do not think Jason is feared once they fix it, it's going to be easy again. Yesterday I removed the mask easily
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