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  1. Halloween Could they make new profits with perks? For Jason and Counselors
  2. If they incorporate p2p servers. Crossplay game would be a good option @mattshotcha
  3. It is not to be against you, but the problem is not the dedicated servers. On PC, for example, there is a fatal error when having the game open without connecting to a dedicated server
  4. Hackers want to disturb. You can not play again. What content do you say?
  5. Thanks for the info. @mattshotcha I hope you have news as soon as possible to play again.
  6. Is there something new about servers? @mattshotcha I appreciate any information
  7. Thank you @mattshotcha . I congratulate you and thank you for this long-awaited patch, I hope that the quick block can still be solved. Congratulations again and I hope to try the patch soon!
  8. Today remove 6 pocket knives. Only one player. Is it possible that it is a hack or is there a technical problem?
  9. Yesterday I had a similar confrontation playing with Jason. But they didn't kill me because, unlike I had part 3 and they were 2 players, not 3. I did something similar to that Jason in my game, but it also blocked. That part 8 is very difficult for death squads compared to part 3.
  10. @mattshotcha there is a possibility that there is a patch so that the blockage is at least a little faster and increase HP
  11. I agree with you @Official_Slick Is there any possibility that this can be implemented? @mattshotcha
  12. I play in console and pc and I cross more players doing glitch in console than in pc @Alien_Number_Six
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