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  1. I wish there was a setting I could turn on or off, the only thing I can actually change in game is brightness. So Xbox one X support is either there or it isn't which is why it isn't 4k after updating, it's all controlled by the devs. This is what i get for sticking with consoles and not PC i suppose lol. all things considered, I'm going to bet that this enhanced support was there and in code with shipping of this version of the physical copy but maybe they forgot to turn it off before and for some unknown reason they've patched it to be off from that point out. It might have something to do with performance like you mentioned, though my tests seemed playable i can't say for sure what worked and what didn't. my real question at the end of the day is if there was an X option, why is it not there anymore? not even a word like "we're working on it"? because there's evidence now to show it exists or existed at one point.
  2. I now have evidence so you don't have to take my word for it. I figured out how to capture screenshots from the xbox, using xboxdvr I have a pair of screenshots publicly available of the main menu and the virtual cabin 4k preupdate https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/vermilionboss/screenshot/10824282 1080p post update https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/vermilionboss/screenshot/10824245 then a set of the figures in the virtual cabin 4k https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/vermilionboss/screenshot/10824279 1080p https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/vermilionboss/screenshot/10824278
  3. Now I kinda know what you're expecting, something along the lines of me asking "enhanced patches when?". Not really gonna repeat that this time, instead I wanna shine some light on something I've not seen mentioned anywhere else. There seems to be (at least on xbox one x) a native 4k rendering resolution with a catch however. As a bit of a background on how i figured this out, I enjoy physical games and owning it in it's entirety without needing a download and as a ritual of mine to see what I "own" and what I don't I run all games after installing from disc offline, disconnected with no chance for an updating being pushed through (I'm working with the Ultimate Slasher Edition). I had noticed my resolution being really nice on my 4k monitor, there is no mention of X/Pro support anywhere other than people asking for it so I figured it was some kind of nice up-scaling technique. then after being satisfied with what I had seen I connected my xbox one x online and updated the game and i noticed an immediate resolution drop, a big downgrade right off the bat even in the menus where you get the jason close up. I knew something was up, I had completed the virtual cabin previously so I went into it again and did a challenge too... my eyes weren't lying to me... in order to be sure I uninstalled the game and redid the process of disconnecting and installing the game once again and lo and behold a much higher resolution than 1080p you get with the most up to date version. I'm not exactly sure what resolution it's rendering at un-updated, some 1440p upscale? 1080p devil magic? native 4k? I'm not digital foundry but my eyes tells me this is 4k. And if anyone could come up with a way for me to prove this without some dedicated capture equipment that I don't have, I'd love to post the evidence. On a slightly different note, when I got to the debug section of the vitrual cabin and displayed the FPS it seemed to be fluctuating somewhere in the mid 30's instead of a 30fps lock. I wish I had a xbox one S or OG xbox one to do more testing to see if that frame rate thing is anything special but I don't. would also be nice to test the ps4 pro version but i'm not made of money. ------------------------------------------------------------------ TLDR; there is xbox one x support but only on an un-updated offline ultimate slasher edition physical disc
  4. After learning about single player content and offline bot matches I just had to get this game, I enjoy actually owning my games physically so figured I'd join the forum to talk about things on occasion now that I own it. can't promise I'll be that talkative though...
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