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  1. Alright, a bit old but I figure I'd post the single and title track of legendary horror punk the Misfits new EP. Didn't know if anyone was a Misfits fan, or just in general would be interested. They certainly used to be better, but this song, and EP in general also featuring A Nightmare on Elm Street song was entertaining to me.
  2. Alright, so just a thought I had. What happens when you're a survivor and you die? I imagine in matchmaking after you find a game you can stay in that group so you don't have to go looking for another game, but I feel like after someone dies, you'll have people quitting, which will lead to more waiting in lobbies for people to show up. Not a huge deal, just wondering. I'm guessing you'll just go to a spectator view but I don't know if that will really keep people there.
  3. I really love all types of film, but horror has been a favorite since I saw Last House on the Left when I was like 10, which in hindsight was probably not the greatest thing to watch at ten, but hey it's a great movie. Haha. The old school vibe is definitely more what I'm into, but there have a been a few ones I've liked recently. I feel like the slasher genre needs a shot in the arm though for sure.
  4. Hey, I'm a new member, name's Emily. My three main things are hockey, punk music and horror movies. My favorite horror films are A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hush, Nosferatu, Jaws, and obviously Friday the 13th. I found this game not too long ago and wish I could still like, give to the kick starter but I definitely plan on preordering, so like, yeah. Pretty pumped, and nice to meet ya.
  5. Sorry to ask, as this has probably been asked before, but I'm new here. Will the game be able to be played on Mac? For this kind of game, I imagine the user base will be bigger on the computer platform as opposed to consoles, but I don't have a PC. If it won't work for Mac I suppose I'll bite the bullet and go with a copy of Xbox One, but I'd rather have the computer version. Any word on this? Thank you, and sorry for asking a question that's likely been asked.
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