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  1. @Slasher_Clone cheers! @DamonD7 I've only played offline once a while ago but I'll get round to that at some point I'm sure. Nice, I'll post in there - I've added a few people through the game and recieved some friend requests aswell but that thread will be a good way to get a lot of F13 gamer's at once. 😁 I like stealthy councillors and one's with good repair so I use Deborah quite a lot but if she's grabbed it's pretty much game over. Thanks for the welcome!
  2. Evening I just joined the forums but I've been playing for a while. I'm currently lvl 109 and I'm still playing around with which councillor I want to use. Anyway, just wanted to drop a 'hi' here and say if anyone wants to add me on PSN its: jw94D2 Happy hunting/fleeing/hiding, people! 🤠
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