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  1. So, after a while, the issue reappeared. Luckily, I've been able to isolate - the problem was with ASUS Aura. Somehow it was triggering EAC and, after a quick Google search it doesn't appear to be uncommon. https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?102062-LightingService-exe-is-activating-EAC-anti-cheat-on-games Force stopped "lightningservice.exe" and everything fires up as it should.
  2. Not on the specific hardware no. I've just upgraded from an i7-4790K + 980TI to a Ryzen7 2700X + 980TI...... so shouldn't have any issues running it. UPDATE. Clean installed W10 Home to test on my secondary SSD (850Evo), let Windows update do it's thing & downloaded F13 at the same time. Download completed, and the game runs!!!! I have absolutely no idea what happened with the install on my main drive UPDATE #2 Clean installed W10 Pro back onto my primary drive (950 Pro), and all seems to have gone well now. Must've been an issue with the OS install in the first place.
  3. Hey all, Hoping this is an error others have come across & the fix is easy enough?I've sent crash reports to the devs via JasonKillsBugs, but I'm hoping this is something I can fix on my end in the meantime..Upgraded hardware, reinstalled Windows, Drivers & Steam - Redownloaded The Game, and I get "Launch Error: Access Denied". No AV installed that could be blocking anything.Suspected it related to EasyAntiCheat, but repairing nor uninstalling/reinstalling does anything to fix the error.Looking around online, I tried using the launcher found:Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F13Game\SummerCamp\Binaries\Win64Looked like some progress, intro screen will actually start, but then a fatal error crashes everything out: I would appreciate any thoughts/feedback? Thanks, Barty1884
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