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  1. Great topic, thx for help again
  2. Hmm, I have lone wolf 10% (epic). Night Owl (52%) or lone wolf ??
  3. So I got perks for AJ: Lightfoot, NOS and Night Owl. Good ?
  4. Thx for help ! I have a legendary Lightfoot perk that reduces noise by 14% during a sprint, it can also be the third perk ?
  5. For example, if Jenny has Composure level 10, do the perks that reduce fear work on?
  6. Only legendary pearls should have additional bonuses. These additional bonuses may be a little better, but they can not be a super pro. Just in my opinion, increase the additional bonuses by 1 to max 5%.
  7. We can only read, our opinion is not worth one cent or euro-cent. It would be nice if every now and then somebody here on the forum (as in this topic) would inform us (players and consumers) at what stage the case is.
  8. Can developers restore the previous AJ hands? Now, each time AJ folds his hands, it's nothing but takes away half a second. It's more frustrating than interesting.