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  1. @mattshotcha I dont expect this development team to release things 'for free'(are they not getting paid now?). Did this game not just release on an entirely new platform? Is the only work theyre allowed to do 'fixes'? (I cant even ask that with a straight face, they have made more bugs in the game than they have fixed) I get that you can't sell DLC. Im not asking for that level of content. What I was saying, and offered examples for--is tweaks to the game to entice new players. Like you did do with Rage mode. Something besides just a 'fix'. Map revisions(Pinehurst loot?) Would be nice. A perk rework would be amazing(swimming perks? Standing next to a radio to gain stamina perks???), but if thats too much trouble, than a simple higher chance of legendaries for higher levels would be nice. Or to really be cheap, just turn it on next event? Yes, Im 150. Have been for a while. The last YEARS worth of events have simply handed out XP CP and tapes, with nothing to spend it on, so dont give me that 'good for you' crap, it benefits EVERY player, including ones that have stuck with you.
  2. Youll never 'catch up to him'? He got a way to glitch past 150, too?
  3. Maybe I could, allow modded maps. You do realize they have modified the maps since the lawsuit? They are not allowed to create NEW ASSETS. Victor Miller is going to come suing because theres now a 2nd tractor at the Pinehurst barn.
  4. Theres plenty to do within the confines of the lawsuit. Rage, for example, did make some people curious enough to play again. A perk revamp. Map updates(Pinehurst?). Those are just some examples. These developers couldnt be bothered to turn on a higher chance of legendaries. It takes them six months to fix one glitch-- and created 3 more in doing so. Simply put, they dont deserve a paycheck.
  5. Careful what you wish for. Has the current development team released a single patch that didnt break more things than they fixed?
  6. Lame. This dev team needs to be fired. Six months just to fix one glitch that didnt bring a single player back or entice a new player. I dont know how they collect a paycheck with a straight face.
  7. Ahab is the kind of random Id gleefully run over with the car. I mean, no one can tell *me* how to play, right?
  8. They *can* modify existing assets. Proof when they added a 2nd tractor.(THAT got development time??) The distances are huge for counselors to cover. A smaller map might be more playable, but I think a simpler fix is just more weapons and knives.
  9. No one I play with likes playing this map. Its just not fun. Not only is it by far the biggest map, it has the worst loot ratio. You can search 4 cabins amd come away with nothing. I think for distances coumselors have to travel to objectives, it should have MORE loot than a standard map.
  10. Wasnt there a thread on here about how many times youve been killed as Jason... And some people actually replied, "zero". And its too easy? Jason got killed every movie, he doesnt get killed every match. Its 7 on 1. Deal with it.
  11. Ginny survived Jasons grab. Chris survived Jasons grab. Trish survived Jasons grab....should I go on? Who wants it easy?
  12. Make some kind of changes. And no, I dont mean another tractor at Pinehurst. Tweak the perks. Update the loot on the Pinehurst map(thats why everyone hates it, its huge without adequate stuff to survive). Include the weapons that are already in the game files, ie the pitchfork.(What can you be sued for if you dont charge for it?) Do something that may make players who have left want to try it again. Im sorry, but 6 months for a roof glitch isnt it. You may have to think outside the box, but there is new things you can do--without new DLC(ala Rage mode) that may spark some interest.
  13. Good, so you agree. We need higher chance of legendaries turned on along with the xp cp and tape drops.
  14. Higher chance of Legendaries or...yawn. Perks were supposed to be reworked nearly a year ago, now theyre on the back burner. All that CP is useless with decent perk drops.
  15. No, he doesnt count, neither does Savini or NES since they werent in the films. Also Part 3 wasnt called Jason in the film, so who knows? He may not count either.
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