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  1. I play on PS4. Ive tested it with different perks, they dont apply if counselor is set to random.
  2. Is this fixable? You shouldnt be punished for playing on random, I think it makes the game more exciting.
  3. Is it possible to allow preference change from the lobby? I think people might be less likely to blatantly team knowing the lobby could change up preference on them.
  4. For free, so theres nothing to sue for. The outfits are already in the game files, so it is content that was pre lawsuit. Why not release it for free? It would be a nice gesture for those who supported the game.
  5. The content was already created. Thats why NECA just released a Roy figure. I just dont think they wanna see what happens if they charge for it, and I dont know if they have the staff to get it to work.
  6. I gotta side with Emchapps, if everybody has Savini, he becomes just another Jason. And no, I dont have one and wish I did. Hes better as my White Whale. Also couldnt agree more with AshTray on the maps--forget Spaceships or Cruise Boats, getting Forest Green, part 7, or even just a generic woods map would be awesome. One can dream. Or they could just spruce up Pinehurst a little?
  7. The match options are the kind of thing that does add something new to the game even with the lawsuit. May draw in some old or new players. It is something we can do with what weve got. I cant wait to try some new mode ideas Ive been working on.
  8. It has happened. I didnt have a walkie talkie, and the actual helper had framed me as the teamer.
  9. PS--getting the kill in this is not easy, we always play for the kill in public matches and have only gotten it once on this mode. Assuming the helper didnt get the sweater, getting the sweater as a counselor will usually make the other players assume youre the helper. And Jason can always kill the helper to try and be Tommy.
  10. If theres no counselors left, team Jason wins. In Mafia, if there are equal or more Mafia than townspeople left, Mafia wins, because they would just vote out the remaining townspeople. So Id say in this game, if more than 2 counselors escape, counselors win. Or if they get the kill(two would have to survive at least, and Jason would be dead) Bottom line: 3 counselors alive by the end, or 2 if they killed the teamer or Jason.
  11. I do wish Stalk was longer...some of the best scares in this game are when you dont even see Jason coming.
  12. Hahaha exactly. Except in this, the teamer is your friend, and you dont know who to trust. At least in a private match you can kill the teamer.
  13. So we came up with a pretty good alternative way to play the game, borrowing some elements from the game Mafia. You need 8 people and a private match. Everyone in game chat(so to not spoil the surprise) (Optional-- everyone set to random.) Before the match, whoever volunteers to be Jason will private message a 'helper'--that person can: Get the sweater and use it asap. Hang on to the fuse and parts. Tell Jason where everybody is. Set traps behind unlocked doors. Run people down with the car. And kill counselors with a gun(especially if they gather in one place to get the mask off). We've played a few matches of this, and it is FUN. You really don't know who to trust. It makes the game a lot more scary.
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