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  1. I've had the opposite: missing Jason entirely, but having the shot ricochet off a wall, before hitting him and stunning him! It's happened multiple times now. Didn't even know it could happen until it did!
  2. I usually paint miniatures while waiting. My wife also plays, and she knits while waiting. It's a good opportunity to get stuff done! Also, for some reason, I find your profile picture very unnerving. I just had to stick around to see what happened after the timer ran out...
  3. I bought this game 6 months ago for $20, and it's been worth every cent. It has more than its fair share of flaws, but on pure dollar-per-hour entertainment value, it's been fantastic.
  4. Easy solution: drink while you play. Doesn't reduce your character's fear, but it's a hell of a lot of fun!
  5. 100% agree with this. As soon as someone annoys me, they go on mute. Chances are, anything they try to communicate to me in game will be worthless anyway. I also block trolls in Steam - which does nothing to the game, but I know pretty quickly when I join a lobby with someone who I know will be a problem. Which reminds me, I need to block someone from a few days ago, who tried very poorly to run me over with the car I repaired...
  6. Off-topic, but since the question has been answered: free speech doesn't mean you're free to say anything you want. It just means you are able to criticise the government without being prosecuted for it. I imagine this rule is to cover things like libel and hate speech, which are unlawful in many countries.
  7. Anyone who slags off someone else for something they find fun (so long as that thing doesn't harm others) is not worth listening to. Don't yuck my yum, and all that. But anyway, I'm on maybe 300 hours.
  8. Not even close to the same at all - legitimate escapes obviously shouldn't reward Jason, because their goal is to survive, and Jason has every chance to stop a repair or kill everyone before the timer runs out. A counsellor who suicides just needs to climb through a broken window a few times or step in a couple of their own traps. And if players want to 'think outside the box' and kill themselves to come back as Tommy (with a 50/50 chance of failing, unless someone else has already quit), then in this system they still can. Jason will just get some compensation for having no chance to stop the counsellor from doing so.
  9. On the first hand, though, Jason's goal is to stop counsellors from surviving. Plus, it's not so much a reward (especially if you're not giving them a Variety or Context Kill bonus), more like a compensation for the lost opportunity cost. If someone goes off and suicides so they can come back as Tommy, they've denied Jason a potential kill.
  10. I agree, suiciding, betraying and quitting should count as Jason kills. Just a +100 point kill, no bonuses. It'll help teamers, but they're at an advantage already anyway. I had one game where I chased a player into Pinehurst, injuring them with a knife on the way in. I followed him in and upstairs, and in his desperation he threw himself through a closed window. The window and falling damage killed him - it was an honest mistake, but the only reason he died from it was because of my knife.
  11. Always been there, in my experience.
  12. I've been wondering this myself. Same with trolls. I had one game where we had a party of 7 friends and 1 random, and I ended up being Jason. The random went straight for my shack within the first few minutes of the game and put on the sweater. When I morphed to protect the shack, they used the sweater straight away - Tommy wasn't in and my mask was still on. After the sweater effect wore off, they ran into my other trap at the entrance to kill themselves and then left the game. It didn't bother me that much, but it annoyed me that now my friends had no chance to kill me. I guess some people just find the saltiness of other players fun. If you're going to do that, make it a private match...
  13. This is purely anecdotal, so take it how you will. I find that the good Jasons are really good, and that the good counsellors have no chance against the good Jasons. In my regular group, when you see the good Jason players in the opening cutscene, you just know they are going to get 7/7 or 8/8. As such, I don't think it should be a simple matter of buffing Jason or nerfing counsellors. All that would do is make people not have fun playing as counsellors, especially when Jason just tunnels you (which can already be unfun). What I think the game should do is discourage players from just standing around and beating up Jason - the "Pinata Jason". The best solution I've heard is to 1) automatically give Jason Rage as soon as his mask comes off, and 2) buff the effects of Rage to increase Jason's weapon damage and hit points, and decreased stun chance. This would make "kill squads" think twice, and even if your goal isn't to kill Jason it should be a risk to try and hit him.
  14. The only things the game really needs are bugfixes and balance tweaks. Do that and you've got yourself a solid game, even if you can't add new material to it.
  15. Cheex

    Current state of the game❓

    I'm having a lot of fun with it. Best games are with friends, though - if you can find a community of regulars on your platform of choice, you might end up having more fun. The Steam group I'm part of usually has 1-2 full lobbies going every night, and most games are pretty fun and relaxed.