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  1. Keep cool. It can be disheartening to keep missing your grabs, or for seemingly every counsellor hit to stun you. It happens. Keep going and you'll eventually learn what needs to be done, or learn how to counter attacks, or learn how to prevent escapes.
  2. As a repair character, I often make a point to not escape at the first opportunity. I stick around to help repair other things as well, to try and maximise the number of counsellors who get out. If what the OP says is exactly what happened (that the other player started the car right in front of them and nearly hit them on the way out), then yeah, that's a dickish move. But it happens, I wouldn't lose sleep on it.
  3. Balancing is always a fine act, and while I like this change I do think there is always room for tweaking. I suggest we play this way for a few weeks, and adjust to the changes like we always do. After that, let's revisit the topic and see what needs to be done.
  4. Welcome to the forums. This is already being discussed in a few places, and has already been acknowledged by @mattshotcha. For now, focus on other objectives and disregard killing until it gets (or might get) fixed.
  5. Wait, why'd you have to restart? Was it for the extra XP/CP when levelling up? Because freaking hell, that's a lot of grinding.
  6. I think that's a shame that the game has lost its value to you. I still disagree that it's necessarily made combat pointless, but I do still see your point. Absolutely fair point of view. I wouldn't be against the idea of the devs reducing the amount of Rage Jason gains from being hit, personally. Maybe make it a logarithmic scale - the closer you are to the actual end of the game, the more Rage Jason gains from being hit.
  7. Imagine if the game had changed to say that you can't escape via the cops after Jason enters Rage. This is basically the same thing. Killing him is a legitimate way to end the game, but in practice now it will become virtually impossible. Now, you'll need to: 1. Have two people die (other than by suicide - which is a good change) or escape. 2. Hit Jason exactly as much as you need to knock off his mask, and hope that this doesn't trigger Rage. 3. Have TJ and the SG do their thing before that ~10 minute mark. I agree that killing Jason should be harder than it was pre-patch, but I don't think making him completely immune Post-Rage was the answer - nor do I think it was intended.
  8. I've had some time to think about this, and I still find myself agreeing with the change (with the sole exception of making him unkillable while in Rage). It doesn't "make combat useless for half the game" - instead, what it's doing is making Rage the new "end of the game". If you're not ready to escape Post-Rage, you're basically dead and the game is basically over. It shifts the focus of Pre-Rage combat away from simply escaping Jason, and makes it into a desperate action while repair characters do their jobs. Post-Rage, melee attacks will still break Jason's grip, so you would still have a purpose in helping others escape. But once Rage hits, it's now a desperate rush to the finish line - which makes sense to me. The one caveat I will add to this is that they absolutely must make Jason killable when he has Rage. In my experience, it was extremely rare to see Jason die before he had Rage. Make it so that any melee hit will knock him to his knees, regardless of whether the hit causes damage/stun damage.
  9. Always thought it was a bit odd that getting Jason to his knees relied on stun chance. It's incredibly frustrating when you go for that kill, but random chance means that the weapon you use might not even get him to his knees at all. When Jason is stunned by the sweater, anything that hits him should get him to his knees, IMHO - regardless of the amount of stun damage he takes.
  10. Ah fair enough! I just checked the patch notes thread and can see now that people have mentioned it's live. Only a cool 7 hours before I finish work now...
  11. 2 minutes of not being attacked by Jason is plenty of time for the counselors to get stuff done.
  12. But that's exactly my point - you knew it could kill you, and yet you did it anyway on the chance you could avoid Jason. If you're that hurt then chances are you're going to die anyway. You have to weigh up the probability: do you want to risk killing yourself just to stay alive a little longer, or do you want to die and have a chance to come back as TJ?
  13. Accidental suicides via window have been relatively rare in my experience - not to say it never happens, or that my experience is definitive, but I believe in practice it's not overly common. I don't agree that it's unfair. If you're that injured and Jason is on your tail, you would die either way. By going through that broken window, you knew full well that it might kill you.
  14. If you time it right, the counsellor will miss you, and you can turn around and grab/slash them while they finish the attack animation. Counsellors can do the same thing to Jason, so usually it comes down to not being the first to swing.
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