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    Savini jason (info help)

    Hey guys i have 1 and only 1 question.Is thar any chances for me to get a savini jason right now? i mean im ready to pay for it but many people says thars no way to get him now(which i hope is a lie) but some say thar is a way. help me pls with official answer!) sorry for my grammar and thx
  2. Trouble Maker

    Savini jason (info help)

    oh wow well actualy its like i thought the game is preaty much done in terms of content and dlcs i gues we should w8 for a new game in thes kinde of gameplay.Cant w8 to get more info if thars any games comming up in 2019 or 2020. that takes jason as a main character
  3. Trouble Maker

    Savini jason (info help)

    oh wow feels kinde of sad i mean that no more new dlcs that is.How about second part of the game? any inside info?
  4. Trouble Maker

    Savini jason (info help)

    oh wow i was hoping to get him atleast in future dlc or whatsoeve.I know thars people out thar ready to pay good cash for him. Oh well all i have left is to w8 for some kinde of miracle.wish me luck guys