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  1. When I died, this survivor and Jason were both attacking me but obviously the survivor's damage does not affect me, he just telled Jason where I escaped when I hitted him and knocked him down in the match ..
  2. I see , well I didn't expect such thing .. it was just one game of alot that I played .. you just moved on .. I just though that recording it wouldnt hurt to post it somewhere because not everyone is patience and all to handle ppl doing these kinda of stuff and usually get mad and sadly is bad for my ear while in game , thanks a bunch for the replies too.
  3. So on the video that I recorded both the survivor in the video and Jason was working together to hunt down the others surv .. the guy probally checked in the map where the others were and Jason followed him and killed them ( me included ) . Honestly I don't really care about dying because of that but I think players like these really mess up with the game of the others and runs the fun that was supposed to be in it.. well here's the link .. not the best quality but it was just to get something to prove my point in the end .. https://youtu.be/fQ3t2EsEMmo And I don't know what the devs or ppl behind the game see this kind of attituted but usually ppl get banned or punished right? I just don't want more matches like that for other ppl .. it's just unfair and not fun at all ..
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