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  1. Should concoct a Friday 13th themed drink. Definitely involving salt.. perhaps lemon/lime for a bitter aftertaste. Should obviously be blood red in color. Name... let's see.. The Salty Camper? ""Jason my man slangs rocks like up the block143rd and Amsterdam by the smoke shop"". (Redman, Rated R)
  2. @Slasher_Clone Oops. And I just said how I'm a fast learner. Highlighted wrong name above I think. Thanks for the tip. I find myself referring to these forums a lot for answers n tips during the sometimes long dull intermissions between rounds. It helps run out the lobby clock tween games 🖒
  3. @Ahab. Gotcha. Not much of a chat room communicator. Fast learner though. Dead Milkmen are a band that I listened to since I was 8-9. Very big in the Philly area but never blew up outside of. Not a thorny subject or anything but Punk Rock Girl is like the only song hardcore Milkmen fans hate cause it's the only one we've heard way too much. LoL They are hilarious though. Not angry punk but a special blend of twisted punkabilly cheekiness. I recommend any of the first 4-5 albums strongly. We're way off topic here and I'm not helping but one of my favorite subjects was brought up. 😉 There are good useable and legitimate hiding spots on every map. Should be no reason to use glitch spots. Jarvis map has two awesomely positioned basements for example that you can use to ping pong back n forth against even some truly solid Jasons. Low level Jason's almost never figure me out there between that and the upstairs bedrooms. Is fun hearing them above smashing everything in sight trying to find out where you are while you're in the basement wailing away on the air guitar. Seems to take people a long time, many rounds, to figure out that basement even exists. If they do find you, bolt for Tommys actual bedroom (you see a mask n computer). A simple duck move behind the little table with the drawer often gives Jason fits cause you're damn near invisible. Especially Adam in all black. I probably arrive late 75% of the damn time but I will always break cover and at least see if i can't save someone nearby in distress. I want to have a clear conscience. Others will perch safe on the Packanack roof and watch gleefully as Jason takes his frustrations out on the others below. And when Jason rage quits i imagine thats equivalent to a winning.
  4. Thanks Slasher. I'm a quiet player. No mic. I kinda prefer it. Yours is familiar too. Im up playing late too often. Lately I don't see "Up the Mountain". I see In the cut of the little front porch on the Jarvis map. You guys know it? Directly across from Tommys cabin from part 4. They squeeze in there early and stay there. Spotted a rookie Kenny about level 20ish holed up in there while all the counselors who were actually contributing to an escape were dying all around him. Big pet peeve. By the time things quieted it was just me (Adam at the time) a Jarvis and the Kenny. He basically watched as ppl got picked off left and right. Every chance I got I stopped to make a rude gesture at him. The ol' Up Yours arm move. Crotch grabbing. Just to kinda let him/her know.. "Yo that shit is really not making you any friends, be careful on the road at night. Traffic can be pretty killer." I get a huge grin on my face on the rare occasion a camper comes racing out of their hiding spot like a cockroach cause they see me driving the 4 seater only to be snubbed cause I drove past to pick up another person instead. Has only happened a couple times but its great especially the miked kid. "Waaaiit!! What abouuut meeee???" Anyway. That exploit camping Kenny was maybe a level 20 and barely knew how to play the actual game the right way and yet he sure did know how to take advantage of a glitch already. Some newer players seem more concerned with learning how to cheat rather than escape. I have my own favorite sneaky hiding spots but they're legit ones. Hiding is a part of the game and it should be used but there is a time and a place.
  5. This is a big part of why they multiply like fleas. Lately (Nov. 2018) I've had lots of run-ins with players who haven't even reached Level 25 xp, are ignorant of how to call the police, zero knowledge of their maps, they still think swimming is a good idea... and yet they STILL get it in their head that they're gonna troll a player with over a thousand games experience because their buddy (a level 16) is playing sidekick or snitching or whatever. I try not to bully but nothing makes me happier than wrapping a bat or a pipe wrench around the dome of a lame ass low level cheating Jason if they think they're hot shit. Crooked pair of newbies gotta lucky early phone house kill on me the other day. Came back as Tommy and beat his maggot infested head in for literally 12 minutes straight. Had so much fun I saved the clip that's how I know it was 12 mins. Sorry if I strayed off topic too far. But yeah Youtubers definitely help perpetuate the grief. On the plus side before even buying Fri 13th i watched a lot of stuff and it kinda helped prep me for what to expect from the game as an honest player. So if you are struggling with trolls I suggest watching their videos. It's often said "Know thy enemy"
  6. Mitch seems to be the only camper this perk seemed to ever help me with. He's a squirmy one to begin with though. Got loose a few times BUT against newbie Jasons. Used it briefly and decided like many others.. Not worth the perk slot. Seemed to help Fox a bit too but almost never got free. Another thing is that a smart Jason knows to keep at least one easily activated kill in his repertoire (usually choke) for cases when they are confined and have to find room to kill. It's during moments like this when Jason is carrying you to a kill zone that Escape Artist would help but these moments are rare as hell. Jason knows you are mashing buttons praying to wriggle free so it's usually a wasted slot.
  7. I fly into a rage and fire a 5 minute,long stream of profanities at the screen every time I walk through an unlocked door and step directly into a trap some genius IQ Mensa member placed. Please please please please please LOCK the door if you intend to trap it. Jason almost NEVER turns the knob and walks in. ESPECIALLY when the house is clearly empty of counselors.
  8. Okay. I am a 150 level player for a long time now. Not tooting my own horn. Just saying. I've played literally 100's of matches w Tiffany. She's my homegirl and I'll tell you why. With the right high value perks attached she's like a ninja! Obviously you will need to earn the perks but here are suggestions if you really want to excel with her. I used to run her with Red Preparedness (Map, reduce fear), Purple Marathon (extra stam), Red Restful (Stam). Can alternate Marathon for Lightfoot (less noise in sprint) She'll be able to run halfway across ANY map almost as easily as Vanessa except unlike Vanessa.. she will ALMOST NEVER give off sound blips for Jason to see. BUT.. my new favorite setup since acquiring the perks is Purple Preparedness (map, reduce fear, crouch speed), Purple Sucker Punch (melee stun %, melee damage), and Red Restful. Tiffany will still be the quietest sprinter but now she will actually be able to defend herself too. The Sucker Punch perk is my fave and does wonders even for a Deborah or Jenny at an Epic or Legendary level. I gotta have the map personally cause it helps me quickly ferry parts and Tiffany gets scared easily without it it seems but you could sub Nerves of Steel. As for Tiffany players being self centered or trollish.. nah not me. I might pick on Jason a little because w Sucker Punch, I can.. but I'm like the Uber service of Camp Blood on a good night. Have only (purposely) run over two players in my games and Trust Me... they deserved it.
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