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  1. I fly into a rage and fire a 5 minute,long stream of profanities at the screen every time I walk through an unlocked door and step directly into a trap some genius IQ Mensa member placed. Please please please please please LOCK the door if you intend to trap it. Jason almost NEVER turns the knob and walks in. ESPECIALLY when the house is clearly empty of counselors.
  2. DeadMilkman1975

    Do you like Tiffany?

    Okay. I am a 150 level player for a long time now. Not tooting my own horn. Just saying. I've played literally 100's of matches w Tiffany. She's my homegirl and I'll tell you why. With the right high value perks attached she's like a ninja! Obviously you will need to earn the perks but here are suggestions if you really want to excel with her. I used to run her with Red Preparedness (Map, reduce fear), Purple Marathon (extra stam), Red Restful (Stam). Can alternate Marathon for Lightfoot (less noise in sprint) She'll be able to run halfway across ANY map almost as easily as Vanessa except unlike Vanessa.. she will ALMOST NEVER give off sound blips for Jason to see. BUT.. my new favorite setup since acquiring the perks is Purple Preparedness (map, reduce fear, crouch speed), Purple Sucker Punch (melee stun %, melee damage), and Red Restful. Tiffany will still be the quietest sprinter but now she will actually be able to defend herself too. The Sucker Punch perk is my fave and does wonders even for a Deborah or Jenny at an Epic or Legendary level. I gotta have the map personally cause it helps me quickly ferry parts and Tiffany gets scared easily without it it seems but you could sub Nerves of Steel. As for Tiffany players being self centered or trollish.. nah not me. I might pick on Jason a little because w Sucker Punch, I can.. but I'm like the Uber service of Camp Blood on a good night. Have only (purposely) run over two players in my games and Trust Me... they deserved it.