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  1. Yes but its the way the VA delivers the line. Cherami Leigh (Tiffany's VA) delivers the lines with such enthusiasm and truly embodies them. It's one of the main reasons I main her, getting a stun with her literally gives me chills.
  2. Yes because being shot for no reason other then being in the person's los is really fun.
  3. I was watching some Jason gameplay earlier and it looked like this Debbie launched through the window at the end of the hall and got on top of the roof, I thought you could only do this with a pocket knife. Can someone explain this to me? Thanks in advance.
  4. I really do not like that idea of not allowing more than one of the same counselor, while I see where you're coming from and think that if the idea were manipulated to were there couldn't be duplicate strength counselors then that would be good. It seems to me the point of this would be so Jason couldn't be killed so easily then that should do it but what's wrong with duplicate low strength counselors?.
  5. If they keep the game in a spot in which no one can have any fun playing Jason... you will not be playing as a counselor either. I have a lot of friends that play this game... very few of them never play as Jason. I completely agree with this. Both sides should be always fun to play what i'm saying is they do have to cater to the majority of the player base. As I said in my previous post I do think that Jason should get some kind of buff as he is the killer after all.
  6. I'm not new to the game at all but I am somewhat new to the forums, I love playing part 2 Jason and my favorite counselor is obviously Tiffany. I play on xbox one and my GT is lilirocheforts.
  7. I think while making the game they realized that the lobby at max has 7 counselors and 1 Jason. I agree that Jason could use something more but the majority of the player base is counselor... if they made it to where counselor wasn't fun then the game would be dead.
  8. I have yet to see this, i've seen it on pinehurst but not packanack. Interesting.
  9. unless the kill glitched (which is probable) then just make sure you have a bat or an axe. I've been using sucker punch lately which I highly recommend if you like killing Jason. Helps with machete stuns a ton.
  10. just drop your weapon, she will pick up the weapon and it will cancel out the sweater stun animation thus allowing you to stun him.
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