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  1. Vendredi13

    Sweet Trap Locations

    Lmao lollllll
  2. Sorry to hear that but go work or ask for charity.
  3. Vendredi13

    They were that close...

    Lmao LOOL
  4. Vendredi13

    Best Jason Music?

    Jason Savini so awesome 3>
  5. Vendredi13

    GunMedia creating Halloween game.

  6. Vendredi13

    Any news on court lawsuits?

    Did Miller repond to his call,horror inc or still on a dead end road? Apologize for my stance,grammar.
  7. No new on my topic re you considered my idea?
  8. Vendredi13

    Double XP?

    Don't worry the error are human. Me neither use media social u nor alone.
  9. Vendredi13

    Double XP?

  10. Vendredi13

    Double XP?

    Only on twitter,fb wtf the forum is dead i guess...
  11. Vendredi13

    Mystery of the week

    Owned by skill.
  12. Vendredi13


    Thanks to thick skin.
  13. My cousin did it once beat it but me i didn't finish it his mother was piss me off lol Don't worry this game wont go offline,till people play it,maybe lawsuit will be over one days or years...
  14. I ve already play this on Nes,it was hard to beat lol