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  1. Hi yes see my own perks icons but when the game is started maybe at bottom screen in coner that because i like play random councelor so that could help remember my build me,elaborate a strategy for survival thanks for your time!
  2. Vendredi13

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    No update huh my game didn't patch? And is my birthday thanks for gift lol
  3. Jason need a buff mom help u son
  4. Sony don't agree crossplay with microsoft is nor guns media,call GM sony lol
  5. Why i debate about my idea? with you ok u don't like it that fine i respect u opinion,just move on please thanks.
  6. Ik many others game get same rating than Jason and got more blood what wrong,Jason rating 17+
  7. Vendredi13

    Fun making Jason quit

    Ik some player has make me rage quit 2 time i Couldn't catch those was piss me off hard lol
  8. I don't want to be rude but ik games im gaming since i was a kid 5 year old and now im 36 ,but that not my point,i just wanting more blood for Jason game is look dry blood lol...
  9. Anyway still a plague of kids playing this game what would make different a highter rating?
  10. I think it should have more blood on floor when you kill,slash,blood splash on wall and anywhere like same as movie Jason.
  11. Vendredi13

    Councelor stunning Councelor

    I doubt this happened again when the game came out you could kill other players councelor with weapon lool
  12. Nerf medic Buff Jason he too easy to kill