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  1. I actually permanently lost everything and I have to work for it again. Nothing has been fixed for me, unfortunately.
  2. I sure hope so. Everyone I know still has their levels, except me.
  3. Seriously, what the hell? I don't get why I just suddenly became a Level 1 again. I have been a 150 on my main account for a long time and now I'm suddenly back to being a 1? I don't understand. At first, I thought it was the servers glitching but now it seems to be for real since I've done what I could to find the solution. Restarting or turning off my PS4 didn't work so now I have to grind again and I don't get why. It's honestly just silly, and none of it makes sense. Anyone know what this is?
  4. I had no idea it was against the rules. I remember reading them thoroughly but didn't see anything about the glitch thing. Probably forgot but I don't know. I'll add you now. Also, I just assumed it was meant for me cause you were one of the people replying to my question.
  5. I don't get why this isn't the place to ask this? Also your advice is somewhat helpful but I already know how to do some of that stuff. Usually at the start of the match, they'll immediately glitch on the roof if they spawned at the lodge or just go straight to it if they're elsewhere. I also once killed someone in a match then when they came back as Tommy Jarvis, I chased them to Packanack and they glitched on the roof before I could stop them (this was before the update when they glitched by jumping through the window). Same thing happened to me when I went after a Sheldon, so I just called him out on mic before leaving. So it's sometimes pointless to even try and pre-plan anything. I also know each map inside and out, so I already know how to tread them and use them to my advantage. All I want is to take care of the people who want to ruin the game for everyone.
  6. Apparently, people keep finding ways to glitch on the roof which is a shitty thing to do. Does anyone know how to get on top of the roof as Jason? Anything will help, really. I just want to surprise them glitching motherfuckers when I come across them as Jason.
  7. I interfere because most kill squads are dicks. Especially the kind that make F13 accounts, some even calling themselves I_Kill_Jason or I_Stun_Jason. I won't deny me running them down is a pretty spiteful thing to do, but I don't do it just for me. I once let a random Jason kill me cause a Vanessa let him kill her. Unfortunately, I didn't get Tommy but I should have. I would've just tried helping the counselors escape instead of going with the sweater girl. The kinds of kill squads I'm fine with are the ones that don't purposefully let themselves die and harass Jason. They just play the game normally but will kill Jason if the circumstances are right. Sometimes if I'm dealing with a kill squad as Jason, I'll try to kill other randoms so they'll be a LOT less likely to get Tommy. That's another way of me fucking up their plans, lol. The worst kind of kill squads are just a bunch of Buggzy's, Vanessa's, Fox's or Adam's that run around ganging up on Jason. But again, I think most of the kill squads are pointless. Cause what if the kill fucks up and no one repaired anything? That would be pretty bad for them and just butchers the match as a whole. But Jason should still be harder to kill, not treated as some tool for the counselor's to play with. In the entirety of the F13 franchise, he's supposed to be this imposing unstoppable force and the game doesn't showcase that at all. It would feel a lot more rewarding to have a group of skilled and organized counselor's take down Jason together after battling him for so long.
  8. How does it make us as bad? It may be a dick move but at least our intentions are good and we're punishing people who just want to constantly take advantage of one of the game's flaws (which in turn can butcher people's fun, not just for Jason but for other counselors. We don't kill them just for the sake of it). Most of them don't even bother trying to survive or helping other counselors. It takes no skill at all. I also never said that Killing Jason was exploiting the game. If you actually read what I put instead of twisting my words, you would actually understand the context of what I was trying to say. It's all good if you want to kill Jason, like say you die by Jason inadvertently and you happen to be one of the people that gets Tommy then go for it. That's fine. But if you purposefully allow yourself to die through another counselor's beartrap or let Jason kill you, then that's a dick move. Killing Jason should be more rewarding, not used to troll or fuck up every Jason they see. If you do shit like that, then THAT'S a dick move. If you can't survive any other way, then you suck at the game. Same thing can be applied to glitchers and teamkillers. If they're not good enough to outsmart Jason or get other objectives done and they exploit a weakness of the game like that, then that shows they suck ass.
  9. Hiding in the water is the easiest way to avoid getting killed. It's not something I should have to resort to because I'm being hunted down. I've also tried shifting away or teleporting away MANY times but would still get caught by the sweater stun. I have tried regrouping myself and going after them. It's also a no-win situation if both Tommy and the sweater person have pocket knives, so you're completely fucked unless you just avoid them altogether. We can caught off the power all we want, but it's utterly pointless when you don't know where the Tommy house is and even if we trap it, people can just step in a trap, repair it, etc. ergo there's so many ways to get by that and you should also have to watch other objectives so you can prevent people escaping. Jason is weak compared to the counselors, so a majority of the game is rigged up for them, minus the fact that you can't stun him when he's in rage. Also, I don't get where you're getting the idea that people are saying killing Jason is a glitch or cheat. That's just silly. No one here is complaining about getting killed. It's more about people that ruin the fun for everyone or just rig up the game for their own personal gain. I like killing Jason and I enjoy going up against my friends if they try to kill me, cause I want to see if they can do it. At some point, every Jason player is going to get killed and that's the reality of it. I find it funny how you say it's just so easy to avoid getting killed as Jason, but that's only if you want it to be hiding in the water and wasting everyone's time. I also don't trap my house cause I care more about the objectives, but that's just my preference as a player cause I don't expect people to come after me every match. It's also only made easy when the counselors don't know what the hell they're doing and if you know exactly what to do. I once made a post asking how to avoid getting killed as Jason, and I took the advice of some of the people. It was helpful and it's helped me get by in some way so yeah. But like I said before, it's fucking pointless when Tommy and sweater girl are nearly invincible when they both have pocket knives, heal sprays and stay close to each other. Even if you try morphing away after they use the pocket knife, there's a HUGE chance that they're going to use the sweater straight after the pocket knife animation is done. Jason has so many weaknesses and it sucks when people use him as a punching bag all the time. Also, the fact that people like me sabotage kill squads doesn't make us as bad as teamkillers or whatever. Hell, we're not exploiting the game like they are, we are just punishing people who want to take advantage of the game's weaknesses all the damn time. It has more to do with serving justice rather than being a dick.
  10. Some kill squads try not to make it obvious. Just saying.
  11. You're taking what I say way out of context. I've died plenty of times as Jason against organized teams and I would accept it. Kill squads are different because they do it just for the hell of it and they know that Jason is easy to take down or troll. There are plenty of other ways to improve as Jason. Hell, I got a crew and some of them arre pro's and whenever I go up against them, it gets rough cause they know exactly what they are doing.They've helped me get better overtime. I find it funny when Jason's rage quit, especially when you get the kill animation on them or escape. It makes me laugh. Also, the logic that I shouldn't play as Jason just because I don't like kill squads makes no sense. That's like saying you shouldn't play as a counselor cause you don't like Jason rage quitting.
  12. Tell me which of these movies is your favorite and why. My personal favorite is Part 6.
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