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  1. I've been killed at least 2 times in a span of 2 nights very recently. My main Jason's are Part 8, Part 7 and Part 6 but I haven't been doing a very good job of protecting myself, even though some of the players were awful at the game. Also one Tommy killed me with an axe that Buggzy used on me a couple times, so that kind of annoyed me. I've taken a bit of advice from my boyfriend on how to handle the situation, but I'd like more tips nonetheless, even if his are helpful in some way. I don't like running or hiding in the water as Jason, cause that doesn't take any skill, even though it's something I used to do when I first started out. So what do you guys recommend?
  2. Again, I don't know if these glitches happen on Xbox One or Steam, but I play F13 on PS4. But me and my friend were about to escape in the two-seater that we worked on, and right as we got near the exit, the car randomly began to fall from the sky and we died, for literally no reason. I don't know how it happened or why, but we was playing the game normally and it decides to magically teleport us into the sky. We fell and ended up dying, the game said that it was a "Suicide" for whatever reason. The "Your Dead" screen showed me nothing but a cloudy white screen, which also showed the car and us falling beforehand. I don't know understand why this glitch happens but I've noticed it's only happened since the most recent update and seems to occur exclusively on Crystal Lake (not sure if it's both big or small or just one of those two). I had it happen before when I was getting away with a friend in the four-seater, the car also fell from the sky for no reason but we ended up surviving. The cars also end up destroyed when this happens so I have no idea what's going on. I'm still a little new to the game so I'm not sure if this has ever happened before. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. I've noticed that people are still able to glitch on top of the Packanack Lodge. I only play the PS4 version so I don't know about Xbox One or the Steam version. Anyways, I've been seeing people glitch on top of the roof of the lodge or glitching onto the balcony of the Jarvis residence. I was in a Jason match earlier and this Mitch was standing right next to the window that's in front of the balcony. I grabbed him, he had a pocket knife and glitched through the wall. I couldn't get him with very many throwing knives cause he would try to avoid him. He basically ruined the match and just wasted time, all because he didn't want to play the game like he should've by trying to escape and helping the other counselors. It was very annoying to say the least and it's completely unfair to Jason and even other counselors who don't want to deal with time wasters. I would've left sooner in that match but I wanted to see if I could get him. I was unsuccessful but these wall glitches really need to be fixed. I hope it was unintentional for the guy but it was still annoying nonetheless. Next time it happens, I'm just leaving right off the bat because I'm not dealing with people who think it's clever to break the game to avoid getting killed rather than use actual skill. On another note, I was playing with my friend last night on Packanack and he was Jason. We were in a public match and there were probably about 2 or 3 people trying to glitch themselves on top of the roof, so I had to help kill them even though I don't ever help Jason unless people are ruining the game for others. Like I get it, glitches are cool sometimes and even fun to experiment with, but shouldn't be used in public matches like this. This game needs more patching but that may take a while. I'm fine with waiting. So the next time sometime tries glitching through the wall in Jarvis Residence, I'll just slash them to death.