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  1. Yeah sorry I know it’s goofy but I genuinely like it and would miss it. Besides if they go in and try to fix it there is always a chance of an unintended consequence that would affect the game more than rainbow blood
  2. Shame they can’t add that! It would be fun if he could smash furniture. The animation would give the person a chance to run but not do circles. Jason could also walk over debris but councilors would have an increased risk of stumbling over it
  3. I main part 4 recently and at the beginning of the round I had the two traps I set at my cabin kill a councilor. I don’t normally do that with part 4 but I set the first trap poorly witch necessitated the second. My question: I didn’t think two traps was enough to kill. Am I wrong? Or does the increased damage on part 4 also include traps?
  4. I apologize I didn’t notice the second page when I replied. This is good. The more we post about what we like and dislike in detail the better the chance the devs can react in a way the will please the majority of players. That said I have only been playing the past 5 or 6 months, I can understand that you as playing from day one probably feel less heard and more frustrated. I cannot tell you how to feel, I can only say that I am happy to see progress and I look forward to more of it
  5. Can you be constructive instead of negative? I’m not attacking you, I’m serious. What specifically don’t you like and why don’t you like it?
  6. Constructive criticism is different from complaining. I like all these ideas and would be in favor of all of the above
  7. Jason is supposed to be hard, he is supposed to be OP. Jason should absolutely win the majority of the matches, killing him should be very rare and difficult. Fighting Jason should Be a last resort, running from him is the point. How is this hard to understand. I’m sorry some people don’t like losing, but somebody always has to lose and the point of the genre and the spirit of the game is Jason wins most of the time. Escaping should be a challenge
  8. Oh ok, I thought if you did things in the right order it was 100% guaranteed, I didn’t realize there was a chance for it to just not work. Thank you for that, now I don’t feel so bad, and will try to strike earlier next time
  9. I’m on ps4 and updated today, guess I’ll try hitting from behind next time
  10. Called the cops, juked Jason a bunch, then was his only kill (guess I’m not as good as I thought) came back as Tommy (at the far side of the map) by the time I catch up to the councilors only one has not escaped and she shows up with a sweater and an axe. She drops the axe, I shotgun Jason, pick up the axe and juke a bit and managed to knock off the mask. She sweaters him and while frozen I hit him with the axe, he gets knocked out of sweater state and comes after us and we both juke till the time runs out. I’m a seasoned councilor, a great Jason, but not too experienced in Jason killing. What did I do wrong?
  11. I don’t think it was the latter thing you mentioned as I wasn’t the last person to make it out and I waited in the lobby till I was the last person there. Could have been the Tommy thing though, since a few quit right after they died. Just glad to hear it was just a one off, and not some new common glitch that was inadvertently introduced during the new patch
  12. Been away for a few months, came back for the patch. First game I played Jason killed half of us and the rest escaped to the cops. I got the survived banner when I escaped and then again when the last person did. Then we were all stuck with a camera we could move around at the point of escape. The game never progress and we couldn’t use the option to exit the game. Had to force quit the game. Is this a one off or something that is happening now? Is this an exploit? Is there something I can look for or a way to prevent this? overall still a fun match just not sure if this is normal as it was my first game back
  13. PS4 player here. I keep hearing about how Perk rewards are going to be reworked. I have a few Legendary perks, and some rare perks I use a lot that I’m still trying to get epic or legendary versions of. It is fun knowing that after a night of playing I can roll my cp and possibly become a slightly better councilor. It’s not likely to happen but it’s fun knowing there is a chance. Recently because of talk of rework, I’ve been hoarding cp, which is not very fun. All that to ask this question: Is there an estimated timeframe for this rumored rework? And more important is it a sure thing, or a maybe thing? What is the chance the rework happens? I know there is a lot of salt out there, but please, these are honest questions, I don’t want this to turn into a hate thread please. A small part of my life has been more fun thanks to this game
  14. I hear a lot of complaints about how Jason is not scary, councilors feel emboldened to team up and attack him. But in my experience 90% of the time Jason kills half of the lobby if not all. Jason is strong enough and capable enough, he doesn’t need any buffs. But maybe there are cosmetic ways to make him scarier. Like have councilors scream and say things more often, stumble more frequently, add a static effect which makes it harder to see, make it so you can’t talk to other councilors even if you have a walkie if you are in too close proximity to Jason. Just some thoughts
  15. I couldn’t agree more! Making someone quit is soo satisfying, plus the fact that they denied themselves 600-1000 cp just to deny you a mere 100 is even better 😋
  16. Please explain in more detail. I’m willing to be proved wrong. But to slash someone you have to be in the same range you would be to grab them, except you have to slash 4-6 times to get the kill and the councilor can stun you and heal since there are more health sprays and perks that give more than knives. So how is slashing easier than grabbing? Or is it just frustrating to get slashed when you have a knife you didn’t get to use?
  17. I think I understand what Daneasaur is saying though. If the councilors are working together with the goal of killing Jason, then inevitably you will end up surrounded by them, hitting you trying to take off your mask. If you try to grab, then someone will just hit you so you drop the person. Only way to stop that is to hack em
  18. That’s one of the reasons I ask. I know people yell “This Jason is trash!” Every time they die no matter what. But I’ve been doing 8/8 Murder for fun recently and wasn’t sure if that was generally considered bad game play, or if people are just being salty
  19. My thoughts: Councilors with knifes get cocky if they don’t know you are a hacker. But to be a hacker means every time you’re close enough to hack, you could have grabbed for a kill and there are only 3-4 knives. Which in theory means it’s harder to hack cause you could have grabbed them many times over. But in practice is that the case?
  20. If you are Jason, my first question is what is harder 8/8 murder or 8/8 strangle? Second question, which is funner for you?
  21. So the last few matches I’ve played as Jason people have quit in the middle or before I killed them. Am I correct in my understanding that they are depriving me of a mere 100 XP while depriving themselves of a possible 1,000+XP? They get nothing if they quit early, am I correct in this? If I’m right, seems like they are stupidly hurting themselves more than me. Unless I’m missing something
  22. Thanks for the reply. I might just be too paranoid. I get that these things happen, it’s just that I’m level 80 and have never experienced this before. Both times Jason was definitely going to lose, and my controller was plugged in. But I get that these things happen. I was just wondering if it was just my bad luck, or if something changed
  23. I’ve just played two games within an hour where in the first, a bunch of us were crowded around a likely spot where the cops would come and at 30 seconds my game crashed. Then I was playing a second game and cops were on the way. I was easily juking Jason and had shotgun and sprays. I jumped through a window and my controller disconnected, I hit the P button to reconnect and when the screen came back up Jason already had me in a grab, and tapping the X button was taking about 5X as long as it normally would, and Jason was walking me around like he knew I would not be able to get out. He waited till I almost had the bar filled then killed me. It seemed very fishy
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