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  1. So the last few matches I’ve played as Jason people have quit in the middle or before I killed them. Am I correct in my understanding that they are depriving me of a mere 100 XP while depriving themselves of a possible 1,000+XP? They get nothing if they quit early, am I correct in this? If I’m right, seems like they are stupidly hurting themselves more than me. Unless I’m missing something
  2. Thanks for the reply. I might just be too paranoid. I get that these things happen, it’s just that I’m level 80 and have never experienced this before. Both times Jason was definitely going to lose, and my controller was plugged in. But I get that these things happen. I was just wondering if it was just my bad luck, or if something changed
  3. I’ve just played two games within an hour where in the first, a bunch of us were crowded around a likely spot where the cops would come and at 30 seconds my game crashed. Then I was playing a second game and cops were on the way. I was easily juking Jason and had shotgun and sprays. I jumped through a window and my controller disconnected, I hit the P button to reconnect and when the screen came back up Jason already had me in a grab, and tapping the X button was taking about 5X as long as it normally would, and Jason was walking me around like he knew I would not be able to get out. He waited till I almost had the bar filled then killed me. It seemed very fishy