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  1. No stop it! Jason usually wins every time, a clever Jason adapts. But seven councilors working together well, should always win, it’s seven to one! That’s why Jason is so strong! I rarely enter a lobby where everyone is working together, as a good counselor I usually escape or waste a lot of Jason’s time, and that’s solo me! If you put seven me’s in a lobby with mikes and a plan, then only a supremely good Jason should win. That’s the game!
  2. It’s a trap placed by councilors and it’s not set
  3. I actually don’t run into them much at all for whatever reason. But on a few occasions when I saw fellow councilors attempting it, I tried to mess them up bye hiding the traps in the woods, but if they already had the trap set, I was unable to pick it up. Any reason why? Is there something I can do to make it so I can pick the trap up?
  4. Glad to hear this. Every time I saw it scroll by, I was thinking there was a perk I had yet to even see, but assumed it wasn’t that great since nobody ever talked about it
  5. Sure the numbers might be way off, but my experience on ps4 has been that I rarely run into the same player twice and in the past few months I am seeing a ton of players under level 30, and it’s rare I have to wait 3 min for a match. I always restart after a minute wait and usually enter match after first restart. edit: missed some words edit 2: west coast USA fyi
  6. That’s another area where bits are great! Play bots and don’t try to win, just grab every knife you see and try to stick councilors with them. Because I still think I suck with shift grabs (even though I’m way better than I was and have not had too much trouble) I’ll always start with a round of shift grab only bots before I play public, just to warm me up
  7. Once you get bored or just want to challenge yourself, play part 9 Jason to go outside your comfort zone. I was the same as you and leaned heavy on my traps to control the map. But wanted to try and get good at the things I sucked at. Started playing part 9 with bots and would only kill with shift grab (bots have like 8 knifes for some reason, so you get a lot of practice from one round) now I love maining part 9 because I can usually kill the whole lobby using a Jason that I used to think was the exact opposite of my natural ability
  8. Negative shift is pretty bad, but as someone who used to main part 4, I didn’t find it that crippling. His really fast morph plus run saves him a little. I would morph to the cabin a councilor was running to before they got there. Also I played him back when it was popular for the entire lobby to mob Jason, so I liked that I could slash away and take out half the mob before they realized they should start running
  9. Yeah my shift grabs were really weak, so I forced myself to play as part 9. At first I was really bad with him but now after getting better with him, it’s almost unfair. People absolutely hate being shift grabbed, and with the duration and speed of his shift, you can get people from a distance that didn’t even know they were targeted
  10. Really is this true? Then again maybe a good reason to switch to PS4. If it has the biggest community. I was unaware
  11. Also while I guess Victoria’s butt looks better (I like em real big!). I can no longer change her pants out. They are stuck on blue.
  12. That’s crazy to me, but I don’t doubt that is your experience. Maybe it is the region or servers. I’m on the west coast of Southern California
  13. I’ve been playing fairly regularly (at least 3 days a week) and have rarely seen someone taking advantage of a glitch. One time 5 months ago I saw someone on a rooftop. I’ve seen a few people get into that porch glitch area. And one time when I was Jason someone got under a bed that I couldn’t reach them in. And that’s it! Like no where near what I see reported on this forum. So I’m just saying, if you have it on multiple platforms maybe PS4 is the way to go. Plus I’ve seen a surge of new players recently. This is my experience, maybe I’m lucky
  14. Yeah sorry I know it’s goofy but I genuinely like it and would miss it. Besides if they go in and try to fix it there is always a chance of an unintended consequence that would affect the game more than rainbow blood
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