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  1. Playing as counselors is very strategic, but they lack common sense in terms of trying to avoid Jason. For example, I was playing as AJ and was being lurked on by Jason. I swiftly went into a dresser and hid there, and as soon as she saw Jason she said "Oh jesus!" and Jason heard me. AJ has decent composure and stealth, yet she made it painfully obvious where she was hiding as soon as she entered the dresser. Or another example, I can be hiding in the second floor of the higgins house in the far left corner, and my counselor does not have sight of Jason the slightest. As soon as Jason enters the house, the counselor screams and alerts Jason of their whereabouts. It's like the counselor has x-ray vision and see's Jason even if the player doesn't. I don't know if that is a bug, or a mechanic of the game... but it is very annoying when you're trying to be sneaky and the counselor screams into an empty room to something that they can't even physically see.
  2. Thanks for all the support everyone! I appreciate it highly!!!
  3. Hello, everyone. I've been having a glitch with the virtual cabin for quite some time now. Whenever I am in the main room, I have extreme lag. When I face the door where the counselors are, or when I am walking outside towards the cemetery looking AWAY from the cabin, I am lag free 100%. When I turn back around and face the cabin I get hit with extreme lag and frame rate drops. Any idea why this is happening? You'd think with all the foliage outside I'd have lag out there, but I don't. It's only inside of the cabin. I'm hoping this is a virtual cabin - only glitch, so that when I get the beta I don't lag out when I enter a cabin... Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! edit: ------ Specs: IntelĀ® Core i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHZ 2.60 GHZ Ram: 16.0 GB System Type: 64-bit OS WIndows 8.1 AMD Radeon R9 M275X Dedicated Graphics IntelĀ® HD Graphics Family Even on low settings, the game is laggy in the main room. I can play the game on high settings when I'm outside in the open.... so I'm not sure what the problem is.
  4. This was my question I asked them on Twitter, actually! I'm glad so many of you took interest in my question. I really hope they somehow distinguish the counselors heights in-game. I know that things can change, but when concept art of the Bookish Girl was released it said that she had a smaller frame and was able to go undetected more often. I agree that the answer they gave me was kind of bland, but I'm going to go ahead an assume that it's a definite yes that they will have different heights.
  5. I think the edgy guy and head counselor aren't inspired from the movies. I BELIEVE they are the people who donated $5000+ during the Kickstarter funding and got to have themselves put into the game as their desired Archetype... but don't quote me.
  6. Yeah, but to follow up this "what if" with another "what if" is what if Jason kills the key holder, see's the keys or somehow knows this guy or girl had the keys, and camps out and the same spot waiting for someone to try and nab the keys?
  7. I have a suggestion or could possibly be a question depending on how you look at it. We are seeing the digital cabin update and adding new features as they are dished out, but there is something I want to suggest to add to the immersion. Once the counselor room is added, us (the players) should get to choose a counselor to play as as we walk through the cabin. Or even Jason for that matter. So it could really feel like "our" cabin. Being able to play as the character of our liking. A possible solution to this could be that we are in first person when not playing as a character, and in 3rd person when we do. I'd really like to play as the Bookish Girl and get to walk around the cabin and seeing what her, and the others would be like in scale and how they could interact with the environment. Possibly even get to test the fear levels if we walk into the basement as the counselors. Or if the counselor witnesses Jason walking around outside of the cabin. It would be like a little slice of the actual game if this was possible. I don't know about you guys, but I'm antsy to AT-LEAST get to control a character in the digital cabin to hold me over until the game comes out. It would be cool to have it be our "counselor safe zone".
  8. Who is your favorite conselors so far? The Bookish Girl! She's so cute and small. I think she will be the most fun to play with, myself. Who are you anxious to see as the next playable conselor? A preppy girl or mean girl! I know we are getting a "Flirty Girl" but, in order for her to be considered a mean/preppy girl, she'd need to be the "blonde" of the group! We have so many dark haired counselors, where is the blondie!?! Who is the one you will most enjoy killing(when you play as Jason)? Probably the Head Counselor. His jean shorts and high socks kill me. So, so, so 80's. Plus his hairline, awful! What types of skills you think they will have to help them survive and maybe even "kill" Jason? I think since the Bookish girl seems like she's the nerdy archetype / counterpart of the nerdy guy she will be able to repair the phone lines a lot quicker, plus be able to repair stuff better when she is either alone or with the nerdy guy so she can "focus". Are you excited about the DLC costumes?Expecting any specific look for any counselor? Yes! Since the Bookish Girl resembles Maddy so much from part 7, I want her to get her makeover look in the blue dress! It would be a really cool reference to the movie, and directly refer to Maddy!
  9. While I understand where most of you are coming from in terms of nudity in the F13th franchise, and want to keep it as close as possible to the movies... Lets not focus so much on sex as a primary mechanic for the game. This is a horror survival game, not a sex simulator. Boobs is one thing, but throwing out idea's regarding having sex to build stamina and what-not seems ridiculous. That's just my opinion, though.
  10. Thank you! I was wanting some clarification on this! While this tactic could REALLY help in the counselors favor, it would be a pain for the other person playing as Jason.
  11. I've been reading into some of the gameplay and watching multiple videos about mechanics while playing as counselors, but something I haven't found an answer to is counselors "camping". For example: A counselor calls the police and has to wait 10 minutes for the police to arrive. Of course the counselor can hide, but if you hide in one spot for too long, or if you are idle in a certain spot for too long, will it alert Jason to your location? Or give him some kind of hint of what location you are in, even if you have high sneak like the bookish girl? -or- All the other counselors have either escaped, or have died, and you are left alone. Can you hide it out until the Jason player gives up or you escape? Or will he eventually know your exact location after too long?
  12. Books... Books... Oh, and surviving of course.

  13. I was sad when the bookish girl died first! She's my favorite character so far! I wanted to see more gameplay on her!!! The kills looked brutal, but amazing!
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