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  1. What about giving us stats reporting? Stuff like, how many times I've killed Jason, How many councilors I've killed as Jason, Weapon stats, objective stats, you know stuff like that...You should be able to add that no problem since it already exists in the game, we just can't see it. Thoughts?
  2. Naming and shaming? LOL Seriously? So cheating is okay as long as we don't hurt their feelings? WTF is this board seriously run by children? I'll just leave a box of tissues here for the tears on this board. My lord, no wonder nothing gets done. You're all too worried about hurting someone's feelings. You don't have to worry about blocking me or anything. As, I won't be back to comment since apparently, I'm hurting feelings. Seriously, sad.
  3. Since there is no way to report anyone in the game, figured I'd start a threat to report players that cheat, glitch (intentionally), or hack their way through games. Please, ONLY post players you KNOW are cheating. As in this case of a PS4 player by the name of [removed by moderator] - He was Jason 4 rounds in a row, using shift without any recharge time. I actually complimented him until he admitted he was using cheat codes. This way, you can decide whether to play with these players or not. Unless the developers come up with a way to do something about them
  4. Your life must be truly boring if Chad is the only character you can play. What lobbies do you play in where players don't play Victoria, Shelly or Kenny? There is one (if not all three) on my games 90% of the time. As for quitting and lobby hopping, cry baby stuff would introduce something that's in most ESL pro games have - Abandon Penalties. I play a lot of proleague and if you join a lobby and and quit before the game is over, you would get a 30 min abandon penalty. Heck, one game I play is 1hour ban. Can't play again for an hour. That one hurts. It's not about preventing that. It's about giving people something more to do once they've reached the top and giving them an award for their efforts. Maybe you should play more often. Though, in the last two weeks or so, it has kind of faded. I haven't seen but one in the last week. Probably because they're bored because they've reached level 150 and have no objectives to attain or improve upon. Hmmm, what could be done to remedy that I wonder... Complete randomization would just make everything more challenging. Especially things like, spawing in or around Tommy's radio...I mean, that is just BS. No councelor should start THAT close to the objective. I mean, that's one of Jason's main objectives - stop Tommy from even being called. If you spawn IN the building - He's got his work cut out for him.
  5. Okay, first of all, you apparently don't play too many games. Prestige Mode is NOT a new idea. Most games that have limited level have it. If resetting bothers you that much, maybe you're not good enough to play it anymore. Only a weak player would be worried about building back up. (Yup, that was a challenge) Next, no, Level 150 players do not drive me insane. I just noticed that they get bored because there is nothing left for them to accomplish so they start doing things like running players over with the car. Which is funny when it's done by accident and just a dick when it's done on purpose. Think you better learn more about the game. At least recount your counselors. There are 10 counselors. There is no reason to repeat. Just like 99% of games that have characters to pick, you can't duplicate them. There are NO duplicates in Offline play. Have you even played this game?
  6. Much of this game, I actually like. Glitches and all. Sometimes the glitches simply have me ROFLOL. However, I thought it would be cool to make a thread about what YOU would do if you created the game. What things would YOU do to make the game better? For me, I would NOT allow duplicate counselors. This would make Jason much harder to kill (gang-up kill) and for people to accomplish the objectives. Having 4 LaChappas to put cars, boats, fuses etc together is clearly problematic. Add a "Prestige Mode" - Some players are simply losers. They spend all their time in life getting to 150 rank then start team killing with the car or teaming with Jasons. This is a total dick move. It's not even trolling it's just you being an asshole. A Prestige Mode would reset all of your stats and unlocks and give you a badge for going through the process again. You would have to go through earning badges and everything all over again. As a reward, reach 150 again and get a different award to go prestige again. Maybe even award a Savini Jason for Going Prestige X amount of times. Only allow 1 Savini Jason in a Lobby - This should be a no-brainer. Truly randomize fuse house, Tommy's radio and other item placements. I think many of these things can be done without issues with the lawsuit too. They'd really be "tweaks" and not additions to the game. What kind of changes would you make to the game if YOU were the developer?
  7. I really wish I had found this game when it was in it's Kickstarter. I will agree that I have had weird glitch things happen but I chalk that up to data stream issues.
  8. Holy Jebus...Have you really been demasked that fast? I've been demasked a lot but that's about as far as it goes. I focus my kill on the sweater if it comes to that. Then they can hit me all they want.
  9. Na...I think it's just good play by counselors. They tried it again this last round I just played. They failed again. But it was only 5 gang attacking because I killed two within the first minute. LOL.
  10. Easy solution. Next round, you work with Jason to eliminate them first. OR if it's happening during your current round, set traps and laugh your ass off as the traitor steps in them. I'm rolling as this happens. Too funny.
  11. WTF?! 1 V 7 is supposed to be unbalanced...That's why it's 1 versus 7. LOL. As Jason you do NOT want to be in that situation. Hell, you never want to be in that situation. BUT if you do, then you've done something wrong. You have to find a way to separate them. The easiest was is traps and melee strikes followed by knive injuries. They (counselors) get wounded and start running for spray. Then you strike and kill. That's not a mechanics issue that's a strategy and skill issue. Jason, even in the movies was a solitary killer. Only time he even killed more than one person at a time was when they were having sex. ... (developers really missed this opportunity, LOL ) When Jason was confronted by a group the outcome was not as good for him.
  12. I've only been playing for about 2 months. I literally just played a game where they ganged up on me....LOL. They lost. I did get knocked down, which is fine But a simple morph away and then a shift back in and I slashed them causing them to separate. Killed them all and the last guy was so pissed, he rage quit. 6/7 + Tommy. I do not play offline. I only play online multiplayer. I crave the ability of people to think and change up their actions. Playing with the bots is pretty predicable. I know where they're going to attack and I know the computer knows where the computer put all the parts and fuses etc. So, even on hard it's very predictable. Offline, if ALWAYS a different game. People are unpredicable and that's what makes it exciting. Oh and thanks for the welcome. And just to clarify, reading a reply doesn't quite put across my tone. I do have serious problems with many gammers today though and that part is true. If you read much of this thread, most of the complaints are whiny. Like "I can't do it...It's too hard..." so they want the developers to Nerf or Buff something. WTF! Stop being such quitters. If you're getting your ass beat, fight back. Learn how to use strategies and techniques that get you better. Don't change the game. Change your methods. Jason, WAS NOT unstoppable in ANY movie. Otherwise, we wouldn't have 11 movies. (Yup, I counted the reboot - which was underrated ) As for the councelors, NONE of them are 100%. They ALL have weaknesses and it's up to you to learn how to overcome or take advantage of them. It's not the developers job to make the game weaker so you get better. Okay, now let's get in the game and kill some councelors!!! Or a Jason....if you can. Muuahahahaahhahah....
  13. have you even seen a Friday the 13th movie? You know how he dies at the end of each movie? THEY STAND THEIR GROUND! LOL. Hell, he's killed one time by a 12 yo.
  14. Ha ha...Not so easy as Jason's develop their skills. I haven't been killed yet. (Knock on wood) In fact, the worst I've ever done was 2/ 7 with 4 escapes and one lag/quit. However, what you describe above is called - teamwork and strategy. It's how you win things. A good Jason won't have a problem with this. In case you didn't realize, if this situation comes to be, just concentrate on female characters or focus on Tommy. Eliminating them ends any chance of Jason being killed. Seriously, stop being such babies. Learn to play. Don't complain and try to change the game because you can't get better.
  15. Um, being that I dealt with Copyright law for 15 years I'm gonna say you're wrong. I worked with screenwriters for almost 2 decades to acquire their scripts. Dealt with copyright every day for that time. I know what I'm talking about. I've also read the filings. There is no reason they can't do what I suggest. In fact, there are many games that already DO that. The reason I don't jump to those games is because I like some of the features this game has, such as, the period of being isolated and the fear effects etc that these other games do NOT have. Copyright Law DOES NOT prevent the game designers from reskinning and renaming the game. You can't copyright a camp. You can't copyright a killer in the woods. You can copyright Jason (which Miller did NOT create as a killer ) and you can copyright Pamela BUT the other aspects, teens at camp being stalked by a killer, that is NOT protectable. Change the killer and the name, remove Pamela and it's a whole new game. LEGALLY clear of copyright protection. So, before you start saying someone doesn't know how copyright works, you might want to make sure they're not experienced in it.
  16. That's is probably your problem. They're not "level" one Jasons. They're based on the characters from the movie parts. NONE of the movie parts were easy to stop.
  17. LOL, apparently you're playing against some pretty unskilled Jasons. I couldn't disagree with this guy more. Every game is different. Kill squads? So what? Get better at the game and they won't be able to kill you. Jesus, you only need to kill one of two people to prevent it or just prevent the Sweater from being taken. It's not difficult to stay alive as Jason. Nothing irritates me more than to see these whiny kids complain about things being too difficult that they want everyone to dumb things down for them. EFF NO...You practice and develop your skills. Then learn some strategies that keep you alive. Find ways to separate the players. Kill them one by one. A piece of cake. PRACTICE!
  18. Seriously, this can't be that difficult of a workaround. Why not release an update that changes out the copyrighted material? Change the name and create a new killer. Instead of "part 1, 2, 3 Jasons" make them different killers. Hell, the community could come up with some great characters for sure. You'd have to change the map names but the maps themselves wouldn't need to be changed. Rather than Tommy make him something else. Also, something that could be developed through the community. This could literally be changed with a downloaded update. I looked at the lawsuit filings and you'd have to do this all at one time. You couldn't update the characters or anything like that slowly, otherwise, Miller may be able to claim "derivative works". You've designed a fun game that I haven't seen beat yet. Not by DBD, or even the new ones coming out like, "Last Year". Have you guys given this direction a thought?
  19. Thank you. I finally found the lawsuit opinion and I'm actually quite surprised that the Judge ruled in favor of Miller. Having been a film producer myself, I wrote and read HUNDREDS of contracts and agreements. It sounds like Miller is a little bitter that he didn't make a good deal when he sold F13. Miller has been angry ever since F13 P2 came out because he HATES that Jason was the killer. With the amount of money they would be continuing to make, It just baffles me that they don't just make an agreement. Hell, 10% of the profits would still be a fortune. Well, keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe they should just make a new game with a Killer in the woods and just remove the F13 elements - Miller may own Jason but he doesn't own Woodsman or call him Boogyman or anything. He can still be a killer with morph and kills etc. and still be in camps in the woods. Simple solution...Hell, they can literally fix EVERYTHING with a patch. Jason is now the Wraith.
  20. Any updates on this? I just got this game and learned about this lawsuit. Disappointing for sure.
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