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  1. What is the fastest way to D.C. (disconnect) in Friday the 13th on PS4? Serious question. Please tell me the best method of ragequitting so that Jason doesn't get credit for killing me if he grabs me or is in the process of slashing me. I would like to know the fastest/quickest way to disconnect/ragequit from a game so that Jason doesn't get the kill if I'm counselor? I'm serious, because some players are toxic in this community and I do not want to give them the satisfaction of killing me. Thank you to whoever answers my question. Take care. So if I'm counselor and Jason grabs me I can quickly leave the game so that it doesn't register a kill for him. Kind regards, pieeater
  2. I've played Friday the 13th on a PS4 Slim and now a PS4 Pro and it looks the same: same framerate, same textures. Did Gun Media put in enhancements for the Pro version? I feel like the PS4 Pro can run this game at 60 fps but they didn't do the work to improve the game's video settings to run faster and smoother on PS4 Pro.
  3. I played it on the ps4 slim and ps4 pro and it looks the same. on the pro it should at least have a higher framerate but it still looks like 30fps.
  4. Her repair is 10/10 she should only have 2 skill checks. I alerted Jason because of that stupid f***ing third skill check on the phone box. This is bs
  5. Is anyone else getting this message right now? My username is puncher_91 and I play on PS4. Was I banned??
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