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  1. the Tuesday is over in 5 minutes over here in Europe/Germany and they again failed to deliver a patch on the time they said...... most people i play with are offline already cause they have to work tomorrow... Us Europeans get fucked over like this ALL THE TIME.... we essentially have about a day less to play the content compared to americans. Where the fuck is the fucking problem releasing Updates at lets say MIDNIGHT US time which is Early morning here in europe. everyone would be happy..... fucking disappointed AGAIN.
  2. ^^^^ This guy knows whats up. my new specialty is exiting shift EXACTLY in front of an escaping car. fucks them up EVERY time
  3. you can doubt it all you want, but it is. and yes i didnt read the rest of the thread?! why should i? all necessary info is in the OP. reading all the bullshit everyone else puked onto the board would be a waste of time.
  4. and THATS pretty boring and honestlya waste of resource to program
  5. Jason players that dont talk are acting true to the character. i dont understand the reason for this topic.....
  6. even with premade shapes.... people would try and succeed making dicks and stuff
  7. and THAT would not be enough for it to be an interesting addition to the game. pretty boring feature if you cant do anything with it really
  8. They would have to manually review and approve EVERY SINGLE thing someone draws.... and even in a game with a small user base, thats a full time job.
  9. the same as with GTA Online Crew Logos, Battlefield Logos etc..... and theres dicks and all everywhere. Even with the most rudimentary low-key tools ever, people will do stupid crap
  10. ^^^^^he knows whats up not to mention fascist bullshit ....
  11. if you really need an explanation as to why that is a stupid idea, you clearly have never played a game that allowed user-designed content.....
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