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  1. My spawn preference is on counselor, I'd rather be counselor then Jason cause i'm not the best at it.
  2. Isn't there a spawn preference or am I too late to respond to this..?
  3. Hello I would like to know if you guys could make the Teddy Protector an achievement PS4 Players can get? If you can do that, That would make me very happy, And if you do make it so PS4 Players can get it, Please reply to my comment if you have time, Thanks!
  4. Heyyy I'm Jax you can call me Jaxadin or Jax if you'd like i'm new to the forums and such, I started playing Friday the 13th maybe a couple months ago and i just found out about this website i'm not the best at being Jason but I am fairly decent at being a counselor
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