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  1. No at all.I explain that I regret having cheated so now I do not cheat anymore.But I wanted to know if now I risked being banned because before I cheat
  2. But if I do it 1 time ago 1 week ago, is there any chance that I will be banned now?
  3. Ok I understood. But if no one has reported, and is it possible that I am banished?
  4. Yes I dowload the game for free thanks to the Playstation +, but now I'm afraid of being banned from the game on all my accounts
  5. Ok.Thank you for you answers, I have one last question.If I am permanently banned from the game on a Playstation account because I cheated,does the account I will not cheat will be banned too?
  6. Ok but I risk being banished permanently from the game?
  7. Hello? If I play with a friend in multiplayer mode and I help him kill the monitors I risk being banned from the game permanently?
  8. Hello. I was unfortunately banned from the games Friday13th. If I create a Playstation account,can I play again at Friday13th?
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