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  1. haha I don't think they will patch it. they break more then fix
  2. hows it play? also hows the voice chat work in this version?
  3. It looks like the same shit I deal with at work. software upgrades/changes are tested before hand but in a lab environment. no issues but once they go to production environment...Boom all sorts of issues that me and my fellow techs get blamed for and have to fix. now to be fair it is hard to test in real environment before hand with out having other issues pop up....like the guys who do our inventory system...they change and test shit on the liver version of the site wich screws things up for us when we need to get parts or put parts in the system.
  4. So since the November update has gone live and broken everything lets make a list for them to fix... Edit: this is on PS4 Match making is broken. taking well over 20min to find a match matches are randomly lagging out kicking people no matter what kind of internet they have. (I get disconnect symbol a lot and only from this game. no issues with internet with anything else) counselors and Jason being set to random when a game starts instead of staying on what the player had chosen wonderful neon glitter/lights effect from first aid sprays, shot gun blasts, weapon hits, ect (looks cool but you can see it very clearly through buildings.) lots of glitches that were fixed in the past are back now. (packanak roof and more) camera locking in place and unable to do any on screen action prompts as a counselor or Jason. (some people can get it to go away by going into the water as it resets the camera and controls) Jason's grab animation shows him missing the grab but then the counselor is being held up by Jason after the grab animation is done. What else needs to be on the list? also @Ahab who should we tag so they know what they need to fix? I figure you might know who best to tag for gun or who ever is working on this game now. If I'm worng sorry.
  5. I have found that if you can make it to the water it will fix the interaction/camera lock. But you have to be able to get to the water, which can be very hard if this pops up after you've locked the doors of a cabin
  6. I don't know what game your playing because every game I play is the opposite of your rants. Jason is a killer and not easy to deal with. He can be stunned one after another yes but you need to know when to shift out or teleport away when in those situations. or hit them with your weapon. get some distance and use your throwing knives and remember to pick them up when your by one. Don't just wade into the middle of a damn group. My roommate is a much better Jason then me and watching his games he is almost always a 100% kill rate in his games. seen him get ganged up on by multiple people but he uses his abilities to get out of it. IMHO you are not playing Jason well and just need to get better. But I have also not watched you play at all.
  7. There were 2 counselors and it looks like the second one hit Jason to break the grip from my viewing. but the video is really dark for me so it could just be the timing.
  8. I see you grab and then the other person hits you. I didn't see any knife being used. Also your video is too damn dark to tell anymore detail.
  9. huh I only have this on ps4. I enter battle stance and then push the block button and Jason raises his arm. I don't see any noticeable lag. But as I said before I rarely use it. I am decent at just dodge the swing at me and then grabbing or hitting the person.
  10. hmm i'm on ps4 too and havent had a issue with it. but i rarely need to block as jason
  11. I've used that perk and it doesn't seem to matter if you're crouched or not for sense avoidence
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