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  1. lostshadowz

    Perk/stats question

    I've used that perk and it doesn't seem to matter if you're crouched or not for sense avoidence
  2. lostshadowz

    The Car

    things I've found out about the car on PS4. You can exit a level driving backwards and if you are driving backwards and hit Jason it still stops the car.
  3. lostshadowz

    detective pikachu movie trailer

    watch this and lemme know what you think.
  4. I'd like it to not take so long to find a new lobby when you leave or it disbands it after the game. then just leaving would be a better choice.
  5. lostshadowz

    Being killer

    while Jason is kinda fun to play as I prefer to play as a counselor myself. The ones the quite do to not being Jason are just damn babies imo.
  6. had a couple of games last night where I went back to cabins i had set up and the doors are unlocked and open and the windows closed. jason killed all of us and i didn't see him acting friendly to anyone so just some ass hate undoing the cabin for what ever reason. got me killed once which sucks. closed the door but jason managed to shift in during the close animation.
  7. lostshadowz

    Savini jason (info help)

    the game is complete as is. Gun media farmed out the multiplayer upkeep to another company so we get patches for server issues/glitches and balance patches.
  8. So I found the break down of all the court proceedings of the lawsuit and wanted to post for anyone interested in reading it https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4497508/horror-inc-v-miller/ Now we can all be on the same page. this is all publicly accessible online and legal.
  9. I fail to see why I must have a youtube channel to fill it with videos of each game and make sure to stop and start it so each video is seperate match to provide this. this is the only way to upload such video to give them. god help you if your streaming to twitch because they don't record your streams.
  10. lostshadowz

    Jason and counsalors

    Boarderland had a option for reporting people, Final fantasy 13 and 14, WOW, LoL, the call of duty games, and many many more fucking games. Yes I am a little mad because 90% of the games I end up in are with people teaming with fucking Jason. they either tell him/lead him to ware you are or Jason lets them fix the car and they try to run everyone down. it's tiring. Can't report it ro Sony as they say to use the ingame reporting which doesn't exist. I do not know of the xbox one has a reporting feature for in game behavior like the 360 did, which luckly wasn't tied to weather or not a game developer felt like adding a reporting system. If they don't want to make that system adding a block player works just as well. that's also a feature that can be and has been done in games. you block them and the match making service makes sure your not matched with that person in another game. also easy and would not violate the license lawsuit which is over the rights of the Friday the 13th movie (the first one) this is something Horror inc is well with in their rights to ok said block feature to be enabled on the match making service that's used. What would be nice is a official Response from Gun Media/Horror inc or the company they hired to continue support for this game. No matter what one or all of them say I will shut up about this once I have that.
  11. lostshadowz

    Jason and counsalors

    right the old lawsuit so we cant get anything bs... it should not in anyway effect putting in a reporting system. If the lawsuit was so damn strict this game would no longer be up for sale or allowed to be played. Gun is just a very lazy developer. using unreal engine a reporting system should be easy to add in. (spell check said to spell it the way I did.)
  12. anyone else on ps4 running into kids as young as 6 playing this game and on a mic? or is it my bad luck I keep getting them in games?
  13. yesterday on the ps4 my friend was Jason and had alot of people just quite right before he could grab them to kill them. some salty players. he said they kept swearing and calling him all sorts of things when ever he showed up to try and get them or they stepped in one of his traps. most annoying i find are the ones the leave at the start if they don't get Jason.
  14. lostshadowz

    Councelor stunning Councelor

    friend of mine had a good idea. instead of losing 1k points when killing someone you lose a level. so if you lose enough levels you lose access to costume colors and Jasons and counselors. a better incentive to not team with Jason or kill others with a car
  15. lostshadowz

    Time Limit

    they can't even put a in game reporting function into the game to report the people working with Jason to kill other counselors. I doubt they could or would do anything for the offline game timer.