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  1. I though that maybe i was on the salt mines but no, not even my friends on steam (i play on pc) cant Join to a lobby, ive been waiting for 5 minutes even 8 and just to create a server where im the host, i reinstalled the game and nothing, if anyone can help me and try to contact the devs, is been 2 days like this, i really want to play.
  2. Still cant find a lobby, and my internet is good, i played dbd without problem and team fortress 2, i think is the game
  3. Last night i had to wait like 5 min searching a lobby, and get into a not dedicated server lobby (i dont know if im explaining well) but the thing is that me and my friends cant find a dedicated server, pls fix it devs, i dont know if anyone have the same problem
  4. Dont get me wrong, i love this game and ill keep playing it, but in the meantime with this Lawsuit going on, im going to play Last Year too, the game looks pretty cool and is kind similar to f13, i still hoping this Lawsuit ends soon, i want updates, dlc, kill packs etc
  5. It would be great if we can have rolling perks for Jason like the counselors, and have the chance of stunt resistance, more traps, more hitpoints, weapon damage etc, but it would be new content right??? :C
  6. Is been a long time since the last update and bug fix, i really want to see Black Tower working on a new update, and most important, balance, devs pls, the game needs a lot of bug fixes and balance
  7. awesome guys, but im more interested in balancing and bug fixes, when will this happen?, For example how easy that is to kill Jason, and even in rage mode he can get stunt every 5 seconds, or maybe some perks to Jason, when will this happen wes@ or @shiftysamurai
  8. I played in a SA server, and in my first Match, i was Jason and they killed me, i'm a pretty decent Jason, (lvl 127), then in the next 3 matches, the same playes killed Jason over and over again, can you make a little bit harder to kill Jason pls, is very easy if you get an organized team
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