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  1. The ability to sacrifice morph, stalk, sense, and shift for the ability to not get stunned period. Maybe just sacrifing 2 of ur choice depending on ur jason loadout or each jason has which ones.It would last one minute and all other abilities would be turned off during that time, u get them back after the minute is over. This would be useful against multiple counselor. If u lose mask u lose this abily. To let counselor know ur using it jason sparks with lighning or has a white glow around him. Perhaps jason loses the ability to grab but gets icreased wea
  2. Id like to play against and with great people. Im level 150 never trol. I always look to complete objectives and leave items in proximity to them. Im on ps4 under nathanrcalhoun
  3. 1) Place traps on entrance of jason's shack. If you hear mom, go to cabin and kill sweater girl asap. 2) When breaking down doors its highly recommended to use combat stance (Do so even if you have rage, easy stun for counselors). 3) If you know a counselor is around a corner in a cabin or may be next to the door as you walk through it, block. You can cancel block into grab if your fast enough. 4) Don't be afraid to grab Tommy/Sweater girl, if you do it twice with no one around he/she is good as dead. 5) Throwing knifes..........See one? Pick it up. Try positioning counselors body over jasons right shoulder..tap the throw button and you should be hitting them without needing to aim. Practice it with bots, just by breaking windows. Once you get good at this kills become easier. 6) Don't be afraid to play Jason defensively. Shift or morph away from a large group if you need to 7} If your able to find electric box that keeps Tommy from being called, break it and trap it. More often then not, however; a counselor will have already called him in. 8) Slash away. If you see a counselor trying to heal, slash them..it will cancel out the heal and they take damage. You can kill someone in the middle of them healing. Yes it is hard to do with others around, you get stunned, and they heal regardless. But risk the stun, and maybe kill a limping Tommy/sweater girl. If they are too far away to hit then a throwing knife works just as good. A combo of knife throw and slash also works great. 9) Patience. If you use stalk and refuse to go up a crowd of people, sometimes Tommy or Sweater girl will get bored and linger off on their own. A good time for a shift grab. Ive killed sweater girls/Tommys even with others a couple of feet away. Make sure to use a quick kill and just spam all the kill buttons. That is all i can think of at the moment. God bless and have a wonderful time playing.
  4. Maybe the best way to nerf perks, isn't to nerf any particular perk outright, but instead make it so that certain perks cannot become equipped alongside of another perk. Take the perks like medkit and thick skin. One could argue they are both helping your hp, so wouldnt it be better if you could only equip one and not both? I was playing as j6 for 5 matches and in that span of time playing, there was a venessa who intentially stepped in my traps and would heal immediately. Now i wouldnt mind that because i could easly morph over there and grab her. What made it worse was the fact that she would do it right in front of me. using the time spent that i was stunned to step in the trap, heal, and then stun/or get me to intentionally grab her to get a pocket knife in the neck to step and heal in a trap again. Jason unable to grab a foot in front of him made it all the much worse. Granted i did eventually get 8/8 in all those matches. The point i'm trying to make it is too easy to tank traps, and god forbid if your jason with only 3 traps, and they all get tanked in a span of a minute.
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