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  1. Thanks both of you! So basically you have to land a stun before Jason taps out and you can attempt it more than once if the first weapon hit fails to land a stun? A "non-stun" hit isn't breaking Jason out of his daze, it's just the Jason player actually tapping out.
  2. Loving the game and finally got a few Jason kills in public games. So satisfying to pelvic thrust in slow motion as Jason dies. Of course, I failed a bunch more of my attempts. My biggest issue is we don't get Jason to his knees after he's sweater stunned. Do I need a particular weapon? One that has a high stun chance like a bat? I've succeeded to do it with the bat and axe (although the axe has failed to drop him a few times). I've failed with branch and pipe as well as the machete. Is it ultimately a percentage chance to knock him to his knees like any weapon only has a chance to stun him (some higher than others)? Does being in combat stance raise the chances? I've only ever done it out of combat stance, but again my success rate is low. I've done it as the sweater girl and as Tommy, but have also failed using each of them. I've done it almost immediately after he's sweater stunned and after waiting a longer time. Does anywhere in the window of opportunity here matter? I know the execution has to be on flat ground, but does it also need to be that way to bring him to his knees? I'm not good at aiming but does it have to hit his head? Any advice is greatly appreciated or a link to other thread if this has been covered (I searched but there's 700+ pages of threads with the word "kill"). Also, I know it has been discussed, but have the developers actually confirmed an alternative way to kill Jason? If it's confirmed, I'd love to explore and experiment to try and discover it. If it's just a rumor then I won't waste my time. Thanks for everything!
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