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  1. One game: Me: *drops off keys at car* I'm dropping the keys at the car. Please leave them there. *goes looking for more parts* Teammate: *picks up keys while I'm running back with the battery* Me: OK, seriously, don't pick up the keys. *puts in battery* Me: OK, I'm headed to the car, whoever has the keys, please come back to the car so we can get out of here. Teammate: *now being chased by Jason* *dies in river, keys irretrievable* Me: *dies as last remaining counselor* Another game: Me: I'm dropping the keys next to the car, please don't pick them up. Teammate: (30 seconds later) *picks up keys* Me: OK, I just got done saying, please DON'T pick up the keys. Teammate: Why? Me: Because if you die, we have to go find them again. Teammate: Oh. OK. *drops keys* *enters house* *leaves house* *picks up keys again* *dies halfway across map* I think I may still have gotten away. I don't remember.
  2. I mostly don't mind playing with new people, because we were all new once... but STOP PICKING UP THE KEYS THAT I DROP NEXT TO THE CAR.
  3. Likes: Deb, camping the cop spawn Dislikes: People on mic that won't stop talking, people playing annoying music over mic, spawning in or around the lodge, people that pick up the keys that I drop next to the car.
  4. One thing I'm noticing that grinds my gears now that I'm focused more on trying to use MDAC is people pocketing the fuse and focusing on other objectives or just dilly dallying in general (in fairness, I did the same until recently). Also noticing along the lines of what other people have said, objectives are rarely trapped. Jason tends to immediately morph to the lodge / Jarvis house, so if I spawn there I try to run away from it. In one match yesterday I made the mistake of not running, all five counselors spawned in or around the lodge and Jason mowed through us in just over 5 minutes. Oops. Not sure if the above is or isn't considered solid strategy for Jason, as I have my preference on counselor. Just an observation.
  5. I looked up some videos on YouTube after posting my question and saw the timer start as low as 3:30.
  6. What do people think of My Dad's A Cop? I finally rolled it the other night and have been lucky enough to be the one to make the call in about half my matches since. Nice to have 55 seconds shaved off and it especially proved useful in one match that Jason caught on to a couple of us camping the cop spawn. Saved us nearly a full minute of screwing around and we probably would have been dead otherwise.
  7. Said the other day that I tend towards Adam and Eric, but I decided to give Kenny another look last night with pretty good results. I'm not giving up that much in Repair compared to Adam and gaining a little more ability to GTFO. Also, not sure if it's the Luck stat or just luck in general but I found I was spawning near essential parts more often.
  8. I guess I take a balanced approach, maybe leaning slightly jerkish. If I contributed to fixing the vehicle, I do feel entitled to enter it if I'm near it when it's being started and I'll absolutely push people out of the way whether I helped or not. If someone finds the last component and gets it started while I'm off somewhere else, more power to them. If I find the keys before the car is fixed, I'll drop them by the car, may the odds be in your favor. I might even drop them in front of another counselor if I run across one because I don't want the responsibility. If they're the last piece of the puzzle and I find them, train's leaving, boys and girls. If I know I have the last component to the car or the boat, I'll spam my flashlight if I happen to come across another player on the way there, *maybe* I'll go a little out of my way and flag someone down if Jason isn't nearby but not often. If someone's fixing the car and I'm there too, I'll watch their back or offer to fix it myself since I always pick counselors with high repair, but I usually won't go running into a fight from somewhere else. If Jason stops the car I'm in, every man for himself. I like fixing the 4 seater first, but if I'm unsure which is which I'm just going to whichever is closer. The exceptions would be if one car already has the battery and I'm holding the gas or vice versa unless I find a component in the cabin right next to the 2 seater. If I'm driving the car and someone comes into my path, I'll stop if Jason isn't already on me and I'd expect another player to do the same for me. If Jason's on the car, I'm running the opposite way. As far as the phone fuse, it only recently dawned on me that it's inefficient to pocket the phone fuse and continue to look for other objective components while hoping I run across the phone box, so I've taken to the "stop everything and look for the phone box" approach with mixed results. Again, I'm a repair counselor so I'd rather just do it myself. But yeah, whatever you want to call my style, that's it right there.
  9. I mostly use Adam but lately I've been mixing in Lachappa and I think I'm starting to favor him more. Just super spoiled by the easy peasy repairs even if it means I'm almost a guaranteed kill should Jason sniff me out. Uncommon Preparedness (I cannot go without having that map first thing, I know they're found fairly easily but that head start is so valuable) and Rare Night Owl are locked in, running Rare Thick Skinned right now but hoping to roll My Dad's A Cop one of these days. Still have yet to come across it but it sounds really handy.
  10. Hey guys, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I play F13 on PS4, same name as I'm using here. Got back into the game a week or two ago after about a year away from it. Looking forward to participating in some fun discussions!
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