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  1. I'm counselor-only. Which is surprising to me as I fancy playing the villain in a game whenever possible, but I'm simply not a good Jason and there's not enough fun derived from getting better to offset the frustration.
  2. Deb's my ride or die. I've messed around with other counselors, but I just can't give up that 10 repair, come whatever else may. Deb specifically for the dual utility as Sweater Girl.
  3. I wish. Every now and then I'll do a search by upload date the day after I play and skim through some recent videos to see if I find myself. Never found myself in this game (or Apex or Overwatch, for that matter). Only time I've ever found myself was in one Assassin's Creed Black Flag deathmatch video which has since been deleted.
  4. I'd be fine with it falling in the 11-25% range. And I say that as a counselor-only player. It's difficult because the exercise is putting a quantifiable percentage to something with unquantifiable variables in terms of match context, etc. But for the sake of discussion, given that it technically only takes two counselor players who know what they're doing... If for every 5 matches, you have Jason get the better of the lobby (let's call it 5/8 or better, no Jason kill) twice, the lobby get the better of Jason (4/8 or worse, no Jason kill) twice, and the fifth match is a Jason kill regardless of kill count up to that point, I guess that would feel right to me. But I could be talked into moving that slider slightly up or down.
  5. As in, a backhanded way of saying "that's stupid", or was it actually thought-provoking? Wouldn't be the first time I've stepped in it, was just my long-winded way of saying that a small change would be fair to all players, skilled or not.
  6. Now that I'm reasonably confident in my ability to execute the Jason kill, I look at it this way. With Tommy on the scene and the sweater available, the Jason kill is priority one for him. If the kill is bungled, all bets are off and I hold him to the same code of etiquette I do the rest of the counselors, which is: Help fix whichever objective is closest / safest (if the two conflict, use your judgment). If you obtain the final part of the car or boat, communicate that the objective is about to be completed and give people a reasonable amount of time to make their way to you. When it's time to leave, get the hell out of there as fast as possible in the boat. It's too easy to be killed in the water, so it's not worth stopping for someone. If you're in the car, stop if you happen to meet someone on the path and it's safe to do so. Otherwise GTFO of Dodge.
  7. I mean, it's at minimum a horror-THEMED game. The intent was for it to be a teamwork-optional horror-survivalist game. If you want to say it's not because experienced players can beat Jason like a pinata, that's more of a commentary on the execution than it is the concept itself.
  8. I'm in the neutral camp. While my own experience in the game doesn't encapsulate everyone's, I haven't found the Jason kill to be as foregone of a conclusion as it's sometimes made out to be. I've seen a lot of people screw up the Jason kill or just not know what they're doing. That said, I don't think adding a QTE for the kill and/or sweater grab would be a bad thing. Ramps up the challenge for experienced players, but is not such a big change in degree of difficulty that lesser players should feel overwhelmed.
  9. Deb main. I'm much too spoiled by that 10/10 repair to spend too much time away from her. I've taken Tiff for a spin and enjoyed her when I specifically wanted to make it my mission to be Sweater Girl, and it worked out fine. If I weren't speech-impaired I'd probably do it more, but with communication being important for the SG role I'm probably taking a lot better suited for someone else. Also messed around with No Fear Jenny and it was fine, but the playstyle is not for me.
  10. Favorite is calling the cops and camping what I expect to be the cop spawn. As soon as you hear sirens, I'm gone. I do also like doing the boat whenever possible. Just a certain satisfaction of stealthily getting both parts and slipping away while there's a big scrum at the car.
  11. I feel pretty good on Crystal Lake or Packanack. Small is fine but prefer large. Crystal Lake aesthetically, Packanack because I'm most familiar with the phone house locations.
  12. I'm just curious, are you that starved for attention that you find fulfillment in shitposting on an F13 board with, like 20 people left that still frequent it? Or do you have a gimmick like this for a bunch of different message boards, and it's kind of a collective thing?
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