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  1. JustAVampire

    What's up? ^_^

    Hm I don't really know what to share but what I can say is that just keep playing and you will learn and get better! That's what I did. Watch some videos if you want to learn more too! Or you can ask the pros here in the forum! I'm far from being one so yeah. xD

  3. Aahaha that happened to me so many times. Normally, I'm the last one alive and sometimes I'm the only one there except Jason. xd
  4. Agreed. And if it's Jason, even worse. ewww
  5. I think they do exist becouse there are some people that were in the salt mines already. Atleast is what they say. I'm not really sure.
  6. @Ahab I read in the regulations that you would get temporarily banned. But I heard about the salt mines. I never been there too. I mean, I don't know how it is.
  7. JustAVampire

    What's up? ^_^

    Hello everyone! I started playing this game in the beggining of this month, of course becouse it was free. And I have been loving the game! I play on PS4 and It's basically the game I play the most now. I'm already level 117, thanks to the exp events, thank you for that! I don't really like to play as Jason, I think you can count the times I played as Jason with one hand. ahahah I prefer to be a counselor. I mostly play Deborah and Tiffany! If any of you have any questions, feel free to ask! ?
  8. JustAVampire

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    Console: PS4 PSN: JustAVampire
  9. JustAVampire

    More buggy lately?

    For me, is more the weapons getting stuck in your hands and you can't to any action. Is really annoying... I mean, only if you get grabbed by Jason, that seems to fix it but you can only do that if you have a pocket knife but still, it's risky.
  10. Hm, I play this game for a while now but I'm not really sure. But I think you still get exp even if you quit mid game but you don't get the 500 exp for completing the match. And if there is a event, you don't get the bonus exp too. Only if you stay until the end of the match. So.. basically, they are losing exp. Even if I die first, I stay. There were times that I would leave but I don't do that anymore. Becouse if you leave too many times, you might get temporarily banned. And if you keep leaving after the ban, the time of the next ban will increase. So, don't leave the match guys, only if you really have to. Edit: Forgot to say, you lose 1000 exp if you kill any of the other counselors when you are a counselor. Like, while driving the car. As Jason, I don't think you can lose exp like that. But I'm not sure.
  11. JustAVampire


    Welcome to the forums @Snake! I'm glad to hear that you're loving the game and hopefully, you will stay with us for a long time! Enjoy and have fun!
  12. JustAVampire

    be YOU!

    Hi @Catkid101, welcome to the forums! And that's a good message, everyone should express themselves! Well, I love cats and I hate tomatoes! Your turn!
  13. Just wanna ask if we can get banned just becouse someone got salty becouse they didn't kill me or I kill them? I mean, today I was being chased by this Jason and I had 2 pocket knifes and a spray with the perk Medic ( it means i can use the same spray 2 times). He grabbed me one time so I had only 1 pocket knife left. After that, I used the spray 2 times and when the time was almost running out, I stayed still so he could grab me and i would get exp for the last pocket knife. But then he got mad and starting saying that I was cheating and using some kind of hack. He problably thought that I had 2 sprays and 1 pocket knife on my inventory without the perk. And at the end, all of a sudden he sees that I had a pocket knife left and that's why he got mad. So... I just want to know if we can get banned becouse someone is salty and doesn't know enough about the game/perks... I have no reason to be worried but I don't know how the banning system works so that's why I ask.
  14. JustAVampire

    PS4 - Kill/Damage after-effects?

    Oh now that you mention it, I just remembered. Yeah, whenever I see that happening, I'm inside the big house. I wonder why that happens tho. I mean, I'm not complaining, I wouldn't mind instead of red blood, would be rainbow blood with sparkles. ahahaha Now we just need unicorns too. Lmao