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  1. Had to leave a game twice today already. Twice in two different games, some idiots takes the car and runs everyone over. Where is his punishment? End the salt mines so people can leave in piece. Has nothing to do with salty. Just not tolerating this. Even the guy playing Jason was mad as he killed 2 people but the guy in the car killed everyone else. This kind of behavior is not once anwhile. it ruins the game far more than some random people leaving over Jason killing them.
  2. I been playing for a couple weeks and now at level 124. Only counselors that seem to give me problems when I am Jason is usually Tiffany, AJ or Chad when good players are using them. Everyone else is usually easy to kill. As a counselor I like playing as Adam or Mitch and I seem to have better success with the balanced characters. I feel I can help out more then as well and not limited to one thing or another. I can always tell we are playing with a terrible Jason when I can repair with Tiffany or Bugsy and nobody shows up to try to kill me...lol
  3. they should just start over to learn from mistakes in this game. Plus the community is toxic full of teaming up and cheating. Been playing about 2 weeks and did not take long to catch on to it. A new game needs to have no party chat allowed where the game wont play if party chat active to prevent cheaters. Also to many 8 yr olds playing and ruining the game. I have to play 4-5 games just to find one where nobody is teaming. Worst thing is when a 8 yr old comes back as Tommy, your really screwed...lol
  4. no its to easy for Jason to target the repair people because they know to look for them. Most players are not advanced players I guess like you. Game needs to cater to the overall general audience, not just because your good at a repair counselor. 90% of the time the slower characters are killed first so your wrong. Jason already has huge advantages and knowing the counselors strengths and weakness is part of that and he should not know what each counselor is capable of. I expect many people who like playing Jason would be against this but its pointless in playing the repair characters. Mitch only strength is getting out of the grasp but most of the smart Jasons know not to waste time with grabbing and just slash because someone could have a pocketknife anyway or like Mitch be quick at getting out of a hold. I never grab Mitch just cut him down, no sense in risking him getting loose.
  5. I think to often the repair counselors are pretty much useless. When in a group of 3 or 4, Jason always targets the slower repair counselors because they know who to look for. Also even if you are good at repair, you pretty much are screwed if a trap is on a car or fuse box with a slow character so whats point in being them since Jason will be on you in a second? It would help if Jason had no way of knowing a counselors skills so they can not target certain counselors knowing they are weak. If players could role their own skill tree or something I think it would add to the game or even create own counselor would be fun.
  6. You have to enforce both sides. Letting people cheat and team up but force others to take part of not right. People leave because of cheaters and team ups so they have a RIGHT to leave without punishment. So it was basically made to serve others up to this abuse of the game. Basically its like punishing a victim more while defending the bully. If they want to police the game then you need to police both sides of the coin. I don't want to leave but Im not going to take this nonsense of team ups.
  7. Its been taking me forever to find a game in the lobby's. I found out about being in salt mines after leaving so many games. It is one of the stupidest things I ever heard of. I mean in theory it could work if they would enforce people teaming up or telling Jason where other counselors are but since you cant enforce that then the salt mines should be removed. I leave game not because of being "salty". I leave because of the toxic community of cheaters and people grouping to team with Jason and eliminate non "friends". I love the game and it can be really fun.
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