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  1. Exactly because a new player that gets Tommy is no good at all
  2. Alright looking at some of these Tommys is hard, how about instead of picking a person that died first, game picked an actual helpful player based on their stats/level because Ive been fkd numerous times by a Tommy, that fixed a boat I needed a gasoline for and taking off by himself.
  3. It's just a constant happening thing now, you'll find a lobby play maybe 3-4 games in which there is atleast one time where Counselor is premade with a Jason or coops with Jason gets his teammates killed and they prolong the entire game to 20 mins and afterwards host disconnects and entire lobby gets terminated. WHICH I DON'T SEE HOW THE F LOBBY GETS A HOST WHEN THERE ARE ALLEGEDLY DEDICATED SERVERS XDDD Edit. No idea if its coincidence but I noticed that every time when lobby time search gets too big I restart the game and it finds full lobby within 5 mins
  4. Mate. I have no idea how to upload a screenshot from my ps4 but Today I took a screenshot of me waiting with a message "Checking session for room" for 1 hour and 30 mins and all I got after waiting that long was a lobby with only one other player in it and after waiting around 15 more mins, he left and lobby got deleted. Srsly.
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