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  1. @Ahab @HuDawg @Dragonfire82877 Yes I am new to the game and the forums. I still (as of this moment) stand by the changes I believe should be implemented, but yes there is a possibility that I need to play some more. I will take some time to try more of the game out and see what I can work on to help myself learn more. I am sure though that there are changes needed on each side of the game. PS. Love that players are actually using the forums. You don't always see that on older games.
  2. Overpowered Jason Teleporting movement Jason One grab kill Jason being able to camp the car (kind of ok with this but something could be worked on to maybe give incentive to walk away from the car after hitting it. Jason "Red Vision" seeing players all over the map ability. Underpowered The amount of time Jason is stunned by counselors Counselors stamina not having a map start of game Jason teleporting cool down is the issue I have with the ability. Him teleporting is fine but the ability should not be allowed to be spammed so frequently. Jasons One grab kill once again is fine but it should have a MASSIVE cool down, I think that 3 to 4 times a match being able to use it would be fine but even that feels like its pushing it. Jason "Red Vision" the killer being able to see all players on the map should not be in this game. If it is kept it should have a MASSIVE cool down like used 3 times max in the game. They can already see counselors when they are running so... they already know where the counselors are. Jason being able to camp the car is not something that I am too worried about if the other issues are fixed. The amount of time Jason is stunned by a counselor maybe should be buffed depending weapon to weapon like a lead pipe could stun longer than a piece of wood. The counselors stamina needs to either refill faster or have a much longer stamina bar. (The refilling of the stamina bar being faster is the one that i would think would work better.) A map to start the game I believe would be a good addition to the game because players would have access to knowing the area quicker and finding teammates.( if not a map when spawning add more maps in the game so players have the ability to find one with ease. TLDR The game feels broken I think that Jasons abilities could use some reworking and I believe that the counselors abilities could use some buffs.
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