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  1. That was awesome. The only way I'm jumping out that window is with a health spray.
  2. I don't like it when Jason talks. Especially if it's a little kid. When I'm being chased around the map I prefer not to have a conversation with whoever is playing Jason. For me it takes the scare level a few notches down.
  3. That's what I have been doing lately. Fighting Jason in the beginning of the match is a good distraction. Many times the cops are called within a few minutes.
  4. Thanks. Only a few more level 5s and I will be content.
  5. Yea I get that. It just seemed like during bonus CP it's harder to get anything good.
  6. I just found this forum. Tons of good info here. During bonus CP I noticed that I can't roll anything higher than a level 3 perk. Any other time I can roll 4s and 5s. Anyone else notice this? Was it just a coincidence?
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