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  1. Note: Im playing the PS4 Version of the game, Im not modding or hacking or any of that whatnot. I was playing a game against a part 3 Jason (With a Pitchfork as a weapon, Even though the player was level 39) And in the outro to the game (When Jason goes back to his mother) The jason was actually Savini the NES Colourscheme. I managed to quickly get a video, Heres some pictures of it. https://imgur.com/a/A7FjkAZ Trouser textures are messed up, So im 99.99 percent sure its a glitch, Im new to the community so im not sure if anyone else knows about this.
  2. Its a game where you kill people. I made these sprites in the style of the ones in the game. I updated it to include most of the Jason's, and Tommy Jarvis. https://imgur.com/a/w4CZRzl
  3. . Starring: Part 2 and Part 3 Jason. Also Roy Burns, No one likes Roy Burns.
  4. Are you sure its a glitch and not some sort of easteregg?
  5. Hi, I know over people have had the exact same thing happen to them, But I dont see a post about it anywhere on the forums. I unlocked Tiffany and immediately got killed by Jason, But for some reason, My character had rainbow blood, I doubt this is a glitch, Im just wondering why its happening, Thanks
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