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  1. I'm still not high enough to weapon swap but I really want to, not that I dislike the Pickaxe but there are weapons I'm more interested in. So long as you are good at avoiding getting hit, and with morphing, his weaknesses are basically nulled. -Water Speed only matters if there is a boat and people get it going AND you morph to the wrong place, but this rarely if ever happens. -Shift is really the only one I have an issue with sometimes, but that's only when it comes to cars and if I morph incorrectly. Shifting at close range isn't really affected by the weakness. But yeah, he definitely isn't the strongest Jason but I find him to be a lot of fun.
  2. One game I had a Deborah standing by the Phone Box, looking at it, while I stood by with an Axe in case Jason decided to pop over while she repaired (thinking he may have an idea of what she was doing) since she ran from him and her two friends who were dealing with Jason at the main house. Deborah just stood there turning her Flashlight on and off. Eventually, I left since nothing was going on and she decided to run back toward the main house. She died almost immediately and dropped the Fuse. ???
  3. I dunno. I've rolled 2 Legendaries, neither times did I have a MAX epic on my counselor. They were both garbage so I sold them.
  4. They found the Gas and need to take it to the boat on the other side of the map.
  5. I was thinking Lone Wolf since I try to keep away from everyone and distract Jason as much as possible, and I have an Epic. I was also thinking Thick Skinned so I could take more hits, but eh. I really dislike the Teamwork perk tbh. lol Thanks for the suggestions!
  6. Part 2. I love having traps and morphing all over the place. Also Part 2 is one of my 3 fave movies in the franchise.
  7. While I feel Jason could use a slight buff, I don't really have an issue with the Stun mechanic though losing control is really annoying. However its not like Jason doesn;t have ways to deal with this sort of thing. Also you can't die, unlike the counselors.
  8. Teamers. Nah I joke. Sort of. I usually lock the doors when I play, currently, because I'm still learning the battle system and play VERY defensive. Though I have left doors unlocked when I am feeling confident/doing quick runs for objective items. Though I usually end up dead when I do this. lol
  9. Jenny. I use the (obvious) Epic Nerves of Steel and Preparedness, though my Preparedness is currently only 7%. ]: I haven't completely decided on my final perk, I'll probably never have one set in stone and change it depending on how I feel. Currently have a Rare Heavy Hitter set but I may switch it out for Marathon. When ever I roll one... ?
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